Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sept 2 on Rock Ed Radio! SEXY ANG MALUSOG!

This episode is NOT about:

1. The fashion industry and the way it possibly influences us to think that uber-thin is IT. (ibang episode yon, at saka kung naniniwala tayo don eh di problema natin yon, hindi nila)
2. The anorexics. (unless necessary)
3. The bulimics. (only when necessary to get a point across shall these two maladies be mentioned)
4. The obssessive fad diet of the month. (oh please)

This episode IS about:

1. Our attitude towards fat.
2. Sound questions we may possibly have regarding being overweight.
3. The advantages and disadvantages of being fat or thin.
4. The possibilities of being healthy despite being fat or thin.


The rest of the topics will be discussed some other time. This Sunday we will talk to photographer Tammy David about her research paper documenting a few subjects who are mindful of their weight and appearance. We will talk to L'Oreal Chief artist, Jigs Mayuga on ideas on beauty and the wide range of what is considered beautiful. Let's hear it from former MTV VJ Nicole Fonacier and Kala's front man, Mike Grape on their lifestyles and choices. We'll have Mike Campillanes, Director of Production of Rock Ed who prefers women who are NOT thin. Wuhoooo!
At tayo naman, malusog nga ba talaga tayo?
Payat lang ba ang sexy? Aba! Sinong hindi sang-ayon do'n? Hala, sige, mag comment kayo dito. Makilahok para marinig ang opinyon ninyo.

Alam natin lahat na sexy ang malusog. Alam naman natin na malnourished ang karamihan sa mga batang Pilipino, so ano nga ba talaga ang issue? (ang layo nun ah, pero sige....subukan natin)

So pag-usapan natin 'to. Sali na kayo. Magtanong dito.

Artwork by Columbian artist Fernando Botero

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Buwan ng Wika at Kultura! Yehooo

Listen to UP Sentro ng Wika (Language Center) Director Dr. Leo Zafra, award-winning poet and Literature Professor Becky Anonuevo, at si Vim Nadera na kasalukuyang Direktor ng Likhaan: U.P. Institute of Creative Writing talk to us about our language and how it affects our attitude. Sasamahan din tayo ni Ms. Ani Almario ng Adarna Books at Raya School.

Bakit tayo Taglish to death. (naks)

At bakit tayo tamad to death, o complacent to death, or babuy da pig or putik da mud.

Why, bakit, why?

Pag usapan at suriin natin ang ating mga sarili, ang ating wika, at ang ating mga ugali.

Magtanong! Makilahok! Make baka, don't be takot. (whaddevur)

Basta, parang ganun. Madami kayong mapupulot sa mga mahuhusay na gurong ito.

Painting: "Tinikling" by Fernando Amorsolo, Oil on Canvas

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

August 19 on Rock Ed Radio>> Papa and Mama are Rolling Stones...

Magaling na magulang ang rakero, tingin niyo?

Witness the back room of the back stage on Sunday, August 19. Ask Sandwich front man Raimund Marasigan what it's like to raise Atari within the world of punk rock. (Myrene Academia's not confirming yet due to possible schedule conflicts.)

Find out how Kris Dancel of CAMBIO (Fatal Posporos, Eraserheads) balances out her role as a musician and a mom. Ean Mayor of UpdharmaDown will share with us the thrill of prospective parenthood. (and the fears that come with it.)

Diego Mapa (Pedicab, Cambio, Monsterbot) and Buddy Zabala (The Dawn, Cambio) were invited and both said they will really try. Sana makasama na rin si Ebe Dancel, para maghanda na siya haha. Abangan...


Thoughts on cool parenting from cool parents.

Rock Ed Radio believes that the next generation should always be better than us. So let's talk about good parenting. Whee.

Oy. Posibleng mangyari ito sa inyo, so makinig na at matuto, rakero.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

August 12 on Rock Ed Radio >> Human Security Act Overview: Is it securing humans or is it just an act...

For the first time we will request for ALL Social Studies Teachers to make this required listening for students. So if you know a teacher, tell them about this episode. Please.

Human Security Act overview. Listen to the Supreme Court's Atty. Midas Marquez, the DOJ's Atty. Geronimo Sy, UP Third World Studies Center's Prof. Miriam Coronel, and Free Legal Assistance Group's Atty. Chel Diokno discuss the merits and cons of the Human Security Act.

Totoo bang puwede kang ma-arresto na walang warrant?
Totoo ba na kung suspected ka lang na subersibo eh pwede ka nang madakip?
Bola lang ba yon?

Makinig. Magtanong na kayo ngayon dito sa website habang maaga pa, minsan mahirap basahin ang questions online during the show itself. Mauna na kayo dito pa lang.

Samahan si Gang, Lourd at si Karl Roy magtanong tungkol sa sinasabing batas na ito.

Makinig. Magtanong. Matuto. Makilahok.

PS: please feel free to cut and paste this onto your online accounts. More people should hear this episode.

photo of plenary hall during the recently concluded "National Consultative Seminar on Extra-Judicial Killings and Enforced Disappearances" organized by the Supreme Court of the Philippines, held at the Manila Hotel July 17-18 of this year. Gang Badoy copyright2007
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