Monday, December 31, 2007

Jan 6 on Rock Ed Radio >>> "WHO'S RIGHT ABOUT 'RIGHTS?'"

Let's start the year right by talking about rights. Hmm.

11 videos were supposed to be shown last Sept. 21 at Robinsons Galleria’s Indie Cine, as part of the commemoration of Martial Law. This collection of films is collectively called "RIGHTS." The day before the screening, MTRCB gave it an X-rating, making it unfit for public screening.

“Scenes in this film are presented unfairly, one-sided and undermines the faith and confidence of the government and duly constituted authorities for public exhibition.” -MTRCB

Join Gang and Lourd as they talk to the filmmakers, Kiri Dalena, et al. And what their project is really about. What it is and what it's not.

But ---let's also not forget the crucial work of the MTRCB in regulating works. They are given the grave task of regulating our public screenings. Ang hirap n'on! Let's try to appreciate the role of this office and get to know them more so we can support them in their quest for balance.

Here is their mission-vision statement:

To the Public
The MTRCB, as a regulatory board, aims to afford the public exemplary exhibitions in movies and television with the purpose of encouraging production of globally-competitive movies/ exhibitions, which should be both entertaining and artistic, in order to raise the standard of art for the public.

To the Industry
The MTRCB, as a partner in the progress of the Movie and Television industry, strives to provide to the industry opportunites for improvement by implemeting regulations and guidelines acceptable to parties concerned thereby maintaining an atmosphere of partnership and cooperation between the government and the industry.

Both groups have the best intentions. Both groups --doing their jobs. What do you think? At least, let's ask the questions together.

Maybe we can figure it out eventually.

We've faxed and emailed an invitation to the MTRCB, let's hope they join us.

As of Dec 31 -- we've invited the filmmakers and they have confirmed. A faxed invitation letter was sent to the MTRCB. Let's hope they grace our show, too, for a more balanced view of this matter at hand. READ MORE ABOUT THE FILMS AND READ MORE ABOUT THE MTRCB

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Dec 30 on Rock Ed Radio>> "AND THE WINNER IS....."

To end the year, we are inviting everyone to share their own "Best and Worst [Anything]" awards. The 1st Personalized Awards Night.

Example: The Gang Award for "2007 Pinaka-gatong na Photoshopped Poster Award" goes to SUGARFREE!!! Tignan mo naman, ang mga kutis.....

Text or email us your BEST AND WORST awards for the year 2007. Maski anong category. Runner up pala sa photoshopped-poster award ay si Miguel Zubiri. (rubyred leeps) ....

Worst dance by a politician -- Manny Villar ... hee hee ..
Most annoying TV campaign ad -- Tessie Aquino-Oreta (wid a teary eyed look)

mga ganun ganun...

Go Go Go. Ano ang "best and worst of 2007" list ninyo.. text NUMSG space [message] to 29107.

or leave post here.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Dec 23 on Rock Ed Radio >> "GANITO TAYO T'WING PASKO" a Christmas special

Usapang ugali muna tayo.

Eavesdrop on Aia (IMAGO), Ebe (SUGARFREE), Tado (LIVE TILAPIA), Ramon (the Ramon Bautista Show) , Lourd (RadioactiveSagoProject), Gang (Rock Ed Philippines), Pam (MOZZIE, Super section, PDI) Quark and Nix (US 2 EVIL ZERO) and many surprise guests from previous episodes (TRIBU!!) as they explore our attitude changes during Christmas. (post here your favorite Rock Ed Radio guest so we can invite them over to join this Christmas no-beer party conversation haha.)

Bakit maraming nagkaka syota, bumabait, tumataba, nagsesenti, etc pag sapit ng Disyembre?
Ganito kaya talaga tayo?
Yung mga distinct character changes ng Pinoy pag Pasko.

At isama na rin natin ano ang mga tradisyon ng kani-kanilang pamilya sa Pasko.
Pahinga muna tayo sa mga issue. Usapang laseng muna at usapang Merikrismas muna.

Masaya 'tong usapan na 'to. Sali kayo. Kayo? Anong nagbabago sa inyo tuwing sumasapit ang Pasko? Mas marami bang nagiging mag-on o nagbe-breyk pag pasko?

photo grabbed through -- please don't sue us, we're advertising this for you. naks. merry christmas

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Dec 16 on Rock Ed Radio >> KUMUSTAHAN EPISODE: A Human Rights Week Special

Being International Human Rights Week, Rock Ed Radio decided to do a follow-up episode on two past topics covered.

Our Dec 2 episode was on the Sumilao Farmers' march and as we all know the group arrived Manila last week, walking all the way from Mindanao and is now on a stand-still with the DAR Secretary and San Miguel Foods Inc. Let's talk to the representatives of Saligan and Pakisama, who ably assist the farmers in their struggle to fight for their claims. Atty Aison Garcia and Prof Soc Banzuela will be coming back to the show.

Our July 8 episode, on the other hand, featured the Desaparecidos focusing mostly on the disappearance of Jonas Burgos in April of this year. We'll have JL Burgos and his mother Edita Burgos coming back to the show to update us on their search since that fateful day.
Join us on Dec 16 (SUNDAY SILENCE II day!!) @8pm on NU107.

The fight for Human Rights is won because people followed through.

So here we are.


Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Dec 9 on Rock Ed Radio>> UNDERSTANDING DEPRESSION: an overview

Beat the Christmas blues! Teka, baket may Christmas blues? Bakit may ganun? More than emo. Let's get to the truth of this common human experience.

Let's talk about depression and how it affects us. Sabi nga nila, understanding and naming the problem is half the solution. Or something like that.

Joining Lourd and Gang that night we have: Fr. Ted Gonzales, SJ, Choncho Sanchez of the Center for Family Ministries. Clinical Psychologist Dr. Lucille Afable-Montes, and maybe Mary Ann Tantoco-Eala of Assumption College, Rene San Andres of the Ateneo de Manila University might join us, too.

Hang in there! Let's figure this one out.

Minsan nasa simoy lang yon ng hangin. Minsan hindi. Tignan natin.

Makinig sa Linggo. Pagkatapos ng Rock the Riles. 8pm.


Monday, November 26, 2007

Dec 2 on Rock Ed Radio >> "Lupang Hinirang" > let's try to find out more about the Sumilao Farmers' protest march.

The episode with law students scheduled for Dec 2 will be merged as an overview of the Sumilao farmers' march.

Join Gang and Lourd as they talk to law students about the issues surrounding the Sumilao protest march. Guest roster: Mr. Quirico Ligmon, a Mapalad farmer will be our main guest, along with Mr. Aison Garcia of SALIGAN and Mr. Soc Banzuela, head of Pakisama and ADMU teacher, supporter of the protest march. Atty Jan Jan Eugenio is also expected to join us. (all-star cast ulit 'to)

As guest commenters and 'legal observers' --we have Lyle, bass guitarist of Kala, 5th year law student DLSU, Ira, host of Hapinas on QTV, 4th year law DLSU, Leonard, President Lyceum Law School Student Govt, Mike, member of the Jose Laurel debate society, 4th year law student, and Clarence, member of the band called Hinlalato and 4th year law student at Lyceum.

Aia de Leon, lead singer of Imago and most probably Vin Dancel, lead singer of Peryodiko will join us as well. We have also extended invitations to some of the Sumilao march organizers to grace this episode with their presence, let's hope they can come.

In the meantime, read as much as you can about this situation.

Articles on this issue found online:

Full Position Paper of the Sumilao Farmers
The True Story on Mapalad Farmers by Ducky Paredes

We'll keep you posted.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Nov 25 on Rock Ed Radio >> "Utang ng Ina Ko" a primer on our national debt

Kanino tayo may utang? Gaano kalaki ang utang natin?

Paano natin naging utang yan? Sino umutang? Sino nakinabang?

Linawan lang.

Kausapin natin ang Freedom from Debt Coalition, subukan natin mag imbita ng taga NEDA, o Economics Professors. Sa ngayon ang nag confirm pa lang ang FDC reps na sina James Miraflor at si Emman Hizon.


Pagkatapos nito, EMO na talaga tayong lahat...

photo credit:


* Jal Taguibao, UP Manila Political Science Professor and Sugarfree bass guitarist will co-host in this episode.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Nov 18 on Rock Ed Radio >> AMBOT SA EMO*

Speak out or shut up.

To quote National Artist for Literature Bienvenido Lumbera "Eh, ano nga ba itong emo?"

Featuring the people from

Guest roster: Melvin Macatiag of TYPECAST, Joe of TOO LATE THE HERO, Paulo of BLUE BOY, Gigi--emo fan, Francis is a self proclaimed emo purist. All registered 'residents' of

Quark Henares (Blast Ople, Us Two) and Nix Puno (Area 5, Us Two) will be guest moderators.


*"ambot sa imo" - an Ilonggo phrase roughly translated as "Ewan ko ba sa 'yo."
photo credit: Jake Verzosa copyright 2006

Monday, November 5, 2007

Nov 11 on Rock Ed Radio >> Who are the Neo-Angono artists?

Recently, a group of young artists called the Neo-Angono artists were commissioned to paint a mural for the National Press Club. It was to be unveiled at an event of the NPC. After finishing the work, the piece was revealed on the 55th anniversary celebration. The mural was tasked to visually depict PRESS FREEDOM. On revelation, the mural was edited by another artist, covering elements that were deemed to be "leftist." (viva press freedom!) Here's a portrait of Prof Randy David given a sloppy make-over.
Here's a headline change, with the faces of the Burgos family also altered.

Let's talk to the Neo-Angono artists. What do they stand for?
How free is free for a visual artist? How free is free for a human being, for that matter?

Here's Andres Bonifacio's alibata "K" tattoo edited because it might be misconstrued as "leftist."
We want to know what you think about this. Comment on this page or text NUMSG [space] messge to 29107 on Sunday at 8pm.


In the meantime, read more about this.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Nov 4 on Rock Ed Radio>> Parang Normal, Paranormal, Supernormal.

In the spirit of the recent political activities, let's talk about the paranormal this Sunday on Rock Ed Radio. (huh)

We have people who believe in the paranormal and different aspects of it. Ms. Samara Tambis, Mr. Elias Pascasio, and Mr. Egay Mandac to talk to us. JP Tanchanco (lead guitars, Kala) and Ms. Ayee Domingo will come and share their paranormal beliefs as well.

According to Wikipedia, the term paranormal describes "any phenomenon that in one or more respects exceeds the limits of what is deemed physically possible according to current scientific assumptions."

What are the cultural ramifications of the belief in the paranormal to our habits as a people. Dito ba galing ang ating mga pamahiin? Ang pag ikot ng plato kapag may umalis sa gitna ng kainan? Ang bawal na pagwawalis sa gabi? At ang paniniwala na may dadating na bisita kung may nahulog na kubyertos? (lalake kung tinidor, babae kung kutchara etc... )

Let's talk about the belief in things scientifically unexplainable, things that defy the gravity of our so-called logic.

Kayo ba ay may mga paranormal beliefs? Naniniwala ba kayo sa pakikipag-usap sa mga yumao? Nakakikita na ba kayo ng mumu.
Game. Makilahok sa usapang ito.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Oct 28 on Rock Ed Radio >> Ano ang Sandiganbayan PLUS WHAT DO YOU THINK OF ERAP'S PARDON?

"Public Office is a public trust. Public officers and employees must at all times be accountable to the people, serve them with utmost responsibility, integrity, loyalty and efficiency, act with patriotism and justice and lead modest lives.” -from the Sandiganbayan website

What exactly is the role of the anti-graft court?

Learn from Atty Dennis Pulma and a group of young stalwarts of justice who work for our country's anti-graft court.

What is the present climate after former President Estrada's recent conviction?

As of October 26, 2007 (2pm) We decided to open the airwaves to YOUR take on the recent pardon of convicted plunderer, Estrada. What do you think about it? What do you know about it? Do you know anything about this? Did you ask? What is your reaction to it? We invited Ronnie Lazaro and Leni of DAKILA (Phil Collective for Modern Heroism) to talk to us tonight. Atty. Vin Dancel, lead voice of PERYODIKO (and the late Twisted Halo) will join us, and so will Malaya columnist JB Baylon.

Let the people hear what you have to say as Rock Ed Radio brings a "Freedom Wall on-air" this Sunday, Oct 28, 2007 @8pm. Democracy at work. Tell us what you think.

It's about time you're heard.

(highly adviseable to post comments here bec sometimes the NU107 textjock software has issues)

Monday, October 15, 2007

October 21 on Rock Ed Radio>> MY BEAUTY, MY BUSINESS.....and how!

Wanting whiter skin and going for a sharper nose is not confined to Filipinos. We know that. So let's cut ourselves some slack and just try to discuss the science and art (cough*) of reconstructive surgery on Rock Ed Radio.
Lahat naman gustong gumanda. Lahat naman tayo may idea kung ano gusto nating itchura. (topbilling Angelina Jolie, Pamela Anderson, Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt ---sila ang pinaka-ginagaya ng karamihan ng mga nagpapa-retokeh sa Amerika) If this desire for better looks is within the natural human-being range, then let's discuss how far does one go to achieve it? We know that science and the epidemic of medical breakthroughs can take us as far and as high as Morgan Fairchild's nose.

So ------- let's talk to Ms. Cristalle Belo Henares of Belo Essentials and Dr. Ager Geraldez of the Belo Medical Group. We also have recent patient Vicky Ras guesting along with Deus Ducepec of Operation Smile.

We sent out invitations to PDI Columnist (Makeover911) Kinny Salas and METRO's Erica Paredes to join us, we hope they can make it.
Luho lang ba ito o mahalaga? Let's talk about the facts and figures involving reconstructive surgery, cosmetic surgery and the makeovers we have all tried or have been planning to try.

No judgment, no chismis. Just an attempt to get to a broader understanding of this business called beauty and what it does to the Filipino psyche.

Kung may mga tanong, mag post dito. Minsan hindi umaandar ang TextJock ng NU. Kung may mga comment, manatili sana sa info-oriented questions. Unless kailangan nyo talagang ilabas yan, sige lang.


photos courtesy of the articles on on Michael Jackson

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Oct 14 on Rock Ed Radio>> "Wala nga bang krisis?"

EDUKASYON, isulong. (pero kailangan nating tumulong...)

Paano tayo makakatulong sa ating mga public school?

Anu-ano nga ba ang mga krisis na hinaharap ng ating mga paaralan?

Ano ba yung Cyber-Ed issue?

Magtanong tayo tungkol sa mga isyu sa larangan ng edukasyon sa Pilipinas. Kausapin natin ang mga kasapi sa Philippine Business for Education (PBEd) na sina Dr. Chito Salazar, Presidente ng Cagayan de Oro College-PHINMA, Peter Perfecto, Associate Director of PBEd, at si Oscar Sanez, Presidente ng Business Processing Association of the Philippines (BPAP --mga trabahong I.T. ang base --kasama kayo dito).

Iimbitahin natin din dito ang ilan sa mga musikero na gustong makilahok sa usapang ito.

Magtanong na kayo. O mag reklamo tungkol sa mga napapansin ninyong hindi maganda sa inyong mga eskwelahan. (public o private sige pwedeng sumali sa usapang ito)

Makinig tayo sa ipapahayag ng Phil Business for Education, after all, Education is everybody's business. (naksnaman)

Maraming mapupulot sa episode na ito, garantisado.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Oct 7 on Rock Ed Radio>> Let's talk to the PEOPLE BEHIND THE KLIEG LIGHTS..

Rock Ed Radio backstage memo: We received no confirmation from any of the fratmembers we invited to guest so we had to change the topic of discussion for this weekend.

So------- let's talk to the people behind the rock stars. The men and women who manage the music makers of the scene --circa 2007.

Confirmed guests are Lizza Nakpil of Rivermaya, Alvin Landeral of Kjwan, Sweet of Salindiwa, Trici of Sugarfree (sana si Monch din) Andy of Sound, Shellby of the Itchyworms, hopefully Toti and/or Tiff of Terno Recordings join us, as well as Jamie of Sandwich, Soki of Chicosci, we invited Diane and/or Day of Pupil.

Ask about the challenges of handling the players in the music scene, labels, venues, concert planning. Listen to their take on this so-called music boom of ours. Iba ang punto de vista nitong mga kalahok natin sa Rock Ed Radio.
Ang mga boss. Tingin ng marami, sila ang mga tunay na rakstar at dapat lang na marinig din sila ng mga tao.

Let's listen to the voices from the back stage this time.

Parang masaya 'to. Tune in on Sunday. Oct 7 @8pm on NU107.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Sept 30 on Rock Ed Radio >> THE ME GENERATION!

This Sunday on Rock Ed Radio! We decided to invite the Star's SUPREME columnist Pepe Diokno to take the helm.

So we can talk about --------------------------------------------- YOU! (ME!) US! Wheee.

" Some genius decided that phones and cameras should be one. And the world was changed. Millions started clicking at their phones, snapping shots of the life around them. And one day, the temptation to turn the phones around became too much for kids, and the camwhore was born. With this, came a new image of "me." We became our own icons; royalty, our own paparazzo's and stars. People started to see the importance of "me," flaunting it, even. "Check me out! (Snap, snap, snap)!"-- that had to be the sound that closed the millennium. ME-POWER.

These things have lead to the core of this generation: Aren't we the most self-centered generation ever? We are. We are the most image-conscious, self-important batch of kids ever to walk the planet. Despite world-wide turmoil, we spend hours updating our Facebook profiles; hours putting our opinions and feelings into a blog-- as if others care. We spend extra time on what we wear, trying to identify ourselves with brands, bands, movies, even causes. It's a whole operation, for this generation, this construction of "me". And, it's a billion-dollar operation, with the lowly baller ID at its foundation. Jocks, emo kids, valley girls, Northies, Southies, activists, vegans-- are all wrapped up in the construction of themselves. Admit it. "

Let's join Pepe Diokno talk to pro-blogger Jayvee Fernandez and his group, some winners of the Coke Blogging competition, and more interesting people to talk about how we do seem to be the most self-absorbed generation, to date.

Sit-in lang si Lourd at si Gang dito.

Quote above is an excerpt from Pepe Diokno's article from the Phil Star's SUPREME section entitled "Me, Me, Me, Me" To read copy of article click here.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sept 23 on Rock Ed Radio! "Paano gumimik ang kabataan nung martial law?"

35 years after Ferdinand Marcos declared Martial Law in the Philippines, many of us don't remember much about it or know only (what we think) are myths about that iron-fist season.

Let's learn about Proclamation 1081 from another angle.

"Paano ba gumimik ang mga kabataan nung martial law?"

Let's listen to Joey Faustino, whose older brother disappeared in the 70's; Atty. Chel Diokno, son of the late great Sen. Jose "Pepe" Diokno will be there.

Meet (newcomer to Rock Ed Radio) Atty. Gil de los Reyes who has worked for decades as a lawyer for development work and was a student activist during the tail-end of the Marcos era.

Cool 'tong mga 'to. Makinig kayo. At magtanong.

A country's history can be unveiled from several angles --this just might prove to be one of the more valid points of view.

Naniniwala ang Rock Ed Radio na kung may karahasang dinaanan ang isang lipunan, hindi ito dapat nakakalimutan.

Let's remember Martial Law.

Saan tayo galing? Para mas desidido tayo pag dating sa tanong na, "saan kaya talaga tayo papunta?"

Hala, sige tanong na.

photo credit: Sakbayan VW, the assumed Martial Law gimmick car of choice. (pero teka, let's rephrase--- car of choice ito ng MetroCom dati, kasi walang pintuan, mas madali idakip ang mga nakasakay na long hair)

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Sept 16 on Rock Ed Radio: Bakit laging kontrabida ang mga frat?

Ah hah.

Let's hear different points of view on why fraternities almost always have a bad rap.

Adel Tamano, as the new President of the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila. (PLM) Cong. Gilbert Remulla and actor Tado Jimenez both fratmen, musician Paolo Santos will try to drop by and give his observations, we are still in the process of completing the guest roster. Any recommendations? We're looking for a parent or a spouse of a frat man.

Regulations for frat episode:

1. This episode is not a debate nor is it a two-sided panel thing.

2. This is a gathering of opinions and explanations fueled by your questions so we can do away with narrowminded approaches.

3. This is a weeding out of myths, a sorting out of stories, so we can all come to our own informed conclusions on this periodically controversial topic.

4. Ask questions for clarification instead of berating either side of this coin.

5. Raise your point, ask away. Listen and perhaps, learn.


We promise that this discussion will be moderated by Gang with enough sleep and Lourd with coffee and extra Joss. (Translation: matinong usapan.)

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Sept 9 on Rock Ed Radio: "Geology, the learning of science, and the nation" o parang ganun...

Ano ang tunay na inaalay ng mga geologists sa bayan?
May kinagagawan ba sa nation building ang agham?

Briefing na rin tayo on 'disaster preparedness' --practical tips on how to be ready for the natural calamities that frequent the Philippines. Suking-suki tayo sa bagyo, earthquake and etc. So okey tong episode na to.
Plus ito na siguro ang pinaka-charming na roster of science teachers na maririnig ninyo. (Charming science teacher? meron ba nun....)

Profs. CP David, PhD, Mahar Lagmay, PhD, Jun Obille, MS Geology, Ruby Cristobal, PhD, Dante de Leon, high school science teacher of Miriam College will talk to us about science and the nation.

Wuhooo. And weird nito.

Pero game, subukan na rin natin.

photo: Satellite shot of the Philippines c/o ata, ewan ko basta nasa photo nakalagay yung copyright. tapos yung Pinatubo shot, nakalimutan ko pangalan ng award winning photographer, paki research naman o, si Alex Baluyot ata. Sorry, hanapin ko ulit.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sept 2 on Rock Ed Radio! SEXY ANG MALUSOG!

This episode is NOT about:

1. The fashion industry and the way it possibly influences us to think that uber-thin is IT. (ibang episode yon, at saka kung naniniwala tayo don eh di problema natin yon, hindi nila)
2. The anorexics. (unless necessary)
3. The bulimics. (only when necessary to get a point across shall these two maladies be mentioned)
4. The obssessive fad diet of the month. (oh please)

This episode IS about:

1. Our attitude towards fat.
2. Sound questions we may possibly have regarding being overweight.
3. The advantages and disadvantages of being fat or thin.
4. The possibilities of being healthy despite being fat or thin.


The rest of the topics will be discussed some other time. This Sunday we will talk to photographer Tammy David about her research paper documenting a few subjects who are mindful of their weight and appearance. We will talk to L'Oreal Chief artist, Jigs Mayuga on ideas on beauty and the wide range of what is considered beautiful. Let's hear it from former MTV VJ Nicole Fonacier and Kala's front man, Mike Grape on their lifestyles and choices. We'll have Mike Campillanes, Director of Production of Rock Ed who prefers women who are NOT thin. Wuhoooo!
At tayo naman, malusog nga ba talaga tayo?
Payat lang ba ang sexy? Aba! Sinong hindi sang-ayon do'n? Hala, sige, mag comment kayo dito. Makilahok para marinig ang opinyon ninyo.

Alam natin lahat na sexy ang malusog. Alam naman natin na malnourished ang karamihan sa mga batang Pilipino, so ano nga ba talaga ang issue? (ang layo nun ah, pero sige....subukan natin)

So pag-usapan natin 'to. Sali na kayo. Magtanong dito.

Artwork by Columbian artist Fernando Botero

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Buwan ng Wika at Kultura! Yehooo

Listen to UP Sentro ng Wika (Language Center) Director Dr. Leo Zafra, award-winning poet and Literature Professor Becky Anonuevo, at si Vim Nadera na kasalukuyang Direktor ng Likhaan: U.P. Institute of Creative Writing talk to us about our language and how it affects our attitude. Sasamahan din tayo ni Ms. Ani Almario ng Adarna Books at Raya School.

Bakit tayo Taglish to death. (naks)

At bakit tayo tamad to death, o complacent to death, or babuy da pig or putik da mud.

Why, bakit, why?

Pag usapan at suriin natin ang ating mga sarili, ang ating wika, at ang ating mga ugali.

Magtanong! Makilahok! Make baka, don't be takot. (whaddevur)

Basta, parang ganun. Madami kayong mapupulot sa mga mahuhusay na gurong ito.

Painting: "Tinikling" by Fernando Amorsolo, Oil on Canvas

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

August 19 on Rock Ed Radio>> Papa and Mama are Rolling Stones...

Magaling na magulang ang rakero, tingin niyo?

Witness the back room of the back stage on Sunday, August 19. Ask Sandwich front man Raimund Marasigan what it's like to raise Atari within the world of punk rock. (Myrene Academia's not confirming yet due to possible schedule conflicts.)

Find out how Kris Dancel of CAMBIO (Fatal Posporos, Eraserheads) balances out her role as a musician and a mom. Ean Mayor of UpdharmaDown will share with us the thrill of prospective parenthood. (and the fears that come with it.)

Diego Mapa (Pedicab, Cambio, Monsterbot) and Buddy Zabala (The Dawn, Cambio) were invited and both said they will really try. Sana makasama na rin si Ebe Dancel, para maghanda na siya haha. Abangan...


Thoughts on cool parenting from cool parents.

Rock Ed Radio believes that the next generation should always be better than us. So let's talk about good parenting. Whee.

Oy. Posibleng mangyari ito sa inyo, so makinig na at matuto, rakero.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

August 12 on Rock Ed Radio >> Human Security Act Overview: Is it securing humans or is it just an act...

For the first time we will request for ALL Social Studies Teachers to make this required listening for students. So if you know a teacher, tell them about this episode. Please.

Human Security Act overview. Listen to the Supreme Court's Atty. Midas Marquez, the DOJ's Atty. Geronimo Sy, UP Third World Studies Center's Prof. Miriam Coronel, and Free Legal Assistance Group's Atty. Chel Diokno discuss the merits and cons of the Human Security Act.

Totoo bang puwede kang ma-arresto na walang warrant?
Totoo ba na kung suspected ka lang na subersibo eh pwede ka nang madakip?
Bola lang ba yon?

Makinig. Magtanong na kayo ngayon dito sa website habang maaga pa, minsan mahirap basahin ang questions online during the show itself. Mauna na kayo dito pa lang.

Samahan si Gang, Lourd at si Karl Roy magtanong tungkol sa sinasabing batas na ito.

Makinig. Magtanong. Matuto. Makilahok.

PS: please feel free to cut and paste this onto your online accounts. More people should hear this episode.

photo of plenary hall during the recently concluded "National Consultative Seminar on Extra-Judicial Killings and Enforced Disappearances" organized by the Supreme Court of the Philippines, held at the Manila Hotel July 17-18 of this year. Gang Badoy copyright2007

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Aug 5 on Rock Ed Radio: EarthCare 101 :

Let's talk about our daily habits like driving, cellphone use, disposing of our trash, water we drink etc etc.And see how it affects our environment. We have someone from the Center for Environmental Awareness and Education, Mr. Jukka Holopainen and Prof CP David of the National Institute for Geological Sciences as resource persons.

Abigal Jabines of Greenpeace and Anya Santos of Haribon will also talk to us--- about us! (hala...) Kasama si Cathy Untalan, Ms. Earth 2006! (Isa siyang tunay na environmental activist, by the way..)
An overview of environmental care. And what the real fuss is about.
Walang jargon dito. Just straight up facts and tips on how we can alter some of our habits so we become activists for the earth as well.

Toss in your questions now on global warming, environmental care, water, air, and land pollution. Laws that protect the earth. Or the lack thereof. Powerhouse guests tayo ngayong gabi.


photos: Sagada Road trip to Session Road, Baguio. Gang Badoy copyright 2007

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Children, parents, rock and roll and reading.

Pinaluhod ka ba sa asin? Piningot, pinalo at pinahiya sa harap ng barkada? Nanood naman ba ng spelling contest mo ang parents mo? Paano ka kaya magiging parent? Waw.

Paano ka pinalaki ng magulang mo? I-a-apply mo ba sa iyong mga anak at mga magiging anak ang parehong methods of parenting?

School administrators of the RAYA SCHOOL Ani Almario and CP David will talk to us and musician Dan Gil (keyboards, Chillitees) about kids and rock and roll. Perhaps the dying and resurrecting interest in reading. Honey Sacro-Libao, a US-based teacher and young mother of five (ages ranging from 18-2) will talk to us also.

All guests will discuss the perils and perks of parenthood and teaching in this era of extreme media freedom. In this era of music and films that range from gothic to vulgar to divine. Effects of parenting on our disposition towards reading and learning. O puro lang ba rakenrol ang mga cool na magulang... hmmmmm at ang pinaka magandang tanong...

Kailangan bang mawala ang pagka-cool para maging mabuting magulang?

Ngeh. Makinig na kayo, baka mangyari sa inyo 'to soon. Hala.... AT dadaan si Sir Ramon Bautista para mag share ng kanyang sariling kwento bilang anak at future (sana) na tatay. Kwela to.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

July 22 Topic >> Negosyo Tayo!


Kung gusto n'yong mag-negosyo, magtanong dito.

Let's talk to the Filipino entrepreneurs who started and run their own businesses and in the process, provide jobs and livelihood for other Filipinos. Whee.
Guests will be the people behind BINALOT, FIGARO, ROYAL CARRIBEAN, and SACRED HEART SCHOOL.
I read somewhere that when jobs are provided, THAT'S when a concrete nation is built.
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