Sunday, February 24, 2008

March 2 on Rock Ed Radio >> "Converts All Star" a mini-primer on SCIENTOLOGY (and a conversation on the openness to belief sets other than yours...)

Our show will be graced by the official representatives of the Church of Scientology in the Philippines. Brian Sunga, Public Exec Secretary, and Al Montano, Executive Director.

And to further complement our exploration of other belief sets, we shall also have Mr. Adam Fuqua to speak of the New Worlds Alliance. (Mr. Adrian Martinez will confirm his guesting soon.)

And to complete the round-table-talk of this"guess what, we're not all Christians" episode, Olympian equestrienne Toni Leviste will join in! She will talk to us about her recent conversion to Islam.

No doubt, an interesting night.

Writer Karen Kunawicz will co-panel with Lourd and Gang.

March 2 Sunday@8pm.

LOURD WILL BE BACK ON AIR! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeey.

PS: Speaking of converts ---------- We need to ask, would you like Jun Lozada to guest on Rock Ed Radio? We can send out an invitation to him if you want to hear from him or to ask him questions yourself. Post comment now so we can see if it's feasible.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Feb 24 on Rock Ed Radio>>> ANG PERYODIKO.

Note: The World Bank defines corruption as use of public office for private profit.

Aling section ang talagang binabasa mo sa peryodiko?

Let's talk to the Inquirer's Manuel Quezon III, Malaya's Jose Bayani Baylon, and former Rep. Gilbert Remulla. We can ask them for their opinions on print-media ethics, the issues surrounding the NBN-ZTE deal or whatever it is you want to ask them, actually. (the Explainer on board! wuhooo)

Joining this roster is young writer Alex Cruz of the Philippine Graphic. Incidentally, the band called Peryodiko will sit in the class. (Vin, Kakoy, Abe and Simon)

Kung tamad kang magbasa ng dyaryo, makinig ka sandali dito sa episode na 'to. Para ugaliin mo na ring araw-arawin ang pagbabasa ng PERYODIKO. Incidentally, this will also be our "Remembering EDSA" episode. (well, let's see where the conversation will take us....)

There is much to learn.

Ask away.

PS: As of Feb 22. UP Student Regent, Terry Ridon confirmed that he will be joining the show.

As of Feb 23. BayanMuna Rep. Satur Ocampo confirmed that he will be joining the show, too.


We decided to divide the show into two segments on Feb 24.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Feb 17 on Rock Ed Radio >> Managing Red-letter Day Blues (episode a.k.a. "Oweno kung bigo?")

A sequel of sorts to the "Beating the Christmas Blues" episode (Dec 2007) ...this Post-Valentine special will now discuss managing our feelings of sadness.
Coming back on air is Mary Ann Eala, literature teacher of an all-girl school and Rene (the cool cool Associate Dean for Student Affairs of the more expensive school in Katipunan). We will also have the Tanchanco brothers of Kala (JP and Brian) and young college couple celebrating a year of being together, Marb and Aussy.

Dustin Butler, a Peace Corps volunteer assigned to Asipulo, Ifugao is getting married to Cheng Solomon of the Ecogov project in Nueva Vizcaya this Saturday (Feb 16) --- and voila, they will spend their first day as a married couple with us on air! (tignan mo nga naman....) Ang lakas natin sa Peace Corps... haha. (Ang Peace Corps volunteers ang pinaka-masipag humingi ng donated na libro mula sa Rock Ed, they usually spearhead starter libraries in the areas they are assigned to, so madali mag imbita sa kanila mag guest.. hehe)

We got a few emails asking us to guest more foreign interviewees because the conversation takes a different twist when the hosts are forced to speak in straight English. (haha. translation: ngawit sa ka-i-inggles....)
If, on the side, the NBN-ZTE deal is talked about, please don't blame us.

For now, give us your comments and suggestions on HOW TO MANAGE HEARTBREAK. How do YOU get over yours? How do Filipinos manage heartbreak?

Myrene is still the co-host --- Lourd will be back come March, don't worry. He's still working on his great work. :)

Masaya 'to....

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Feb 10 on Rock Ed Radio>> "Sports, Fitness and the Filipino" (a sneak peek at the practice of Yoga.... and Basketball)

Let's take a break from watching the circus in the halls of Congress (Cirque de Susmeh) and talk about something else all together.

ROCK ED LISTENS! (1st segment)
After three weeks of our radio staff researching on how the young carry themselves when they are in groups in public places, we will start off this episode by sharing our observations on barkada conversations in the Katipunan area (Miriam, UP, Ateneo), the University belt area (FEU), Espana (UST), and one in the stretch of restaurants by the bay. (DLSU, CSB, PWU) Let's see how differently these groups react to varied circumstances. We observed how they carried themselves in public. (some are more polite than others, I told Bro. Armin, FSC (President of La Salle schools) & Rene San Andress (Dean of Discipline, AdMU) that I didn't get names of specific students because every student bears the name of his school. Yup, kung ano mang gawin ninyo in public, damay ang eskwelahan ninyo.) Good luck. Do text us if you don't want your photos published next week.

Let's evaluate 3 different groups we eavesdropped on for three consecutive Fridays.


ROCK ED STRETCHES. (2nd segment)

Let's talk to pro yoga instructor, Ganesh Upadhyay (of PulseYoga Greenhills) about the basic principles of yoga and how it could possibly be a fitness fit for the Filipino psyche. Ask the FAQs now. And learn! (can you tell that Rock Ed Radio is having a newfound romance with different accents on air?) We've had the US PeaceCorps, the British accent along with the French..this week let's try Indian! Yeeeey...... Gotta love radio.

True to our new format-form... there is a second part to this episode...

Now let's talk about Basketball! Yahoo.

ROCK ED SHOOTS. (3rd segment) As of Feb 9: Noli Eala said he might be out of the country and sends his apologies. (aaugh, after a month of confirmation...he changed his mind. Oh well, that's his right... haha bitin) Jenkins Mesina, former Purefoods player, RockerPark head commissioner, Pochoy Labog (frontman of the late DictaLicense) and Ene Lagunzad (RockerPark coach and lead voice of The Ronnies) will talk to us about basketball.

Many think that basketball is not the best sport for us (dahil hindi tayo matatangkad..haha) ... maraming nagsasabi na football na lang daw sana ang pinagkaka-abalahan natin --mas bagay daw ito sa katawan ng Pinoy... What do you think?

So--let's also talk to Peter Amores, Phil Futsal Team and founder of Futkal founder (Futbol sa Kalye).

Ask away.
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