Monday, December 31, 2007

Jan 6 on Rock Ed Radio >>> "WHO'S RIGHT ABOUT 'RIGHTS?'"

Let's start the year right by talking about rights. Hmm.

11 videos were supposed to be shown last Sept. 21 at Robinsons Galleria’s Indie Cine, as part of the commemoration of Martial Law. This collection of films is collectively called "RIGHTS." The day before the screening, MTRCB gave it an X-rating, making it unfit for public screening.

“Scenes in this film are presented unfairly, one-sided and undermines the faith and confidence of the government and duly constituted authorities for public exhibition.” -MTRCB

Join Gang and Lourd as they talk to the filmmakers, Kiri Dalena, et al. And what their project is really about. What it is and what it's not.

But ---let's also not forget the crucial work of the MTRCB in regulating works. They are given the grave task of regulating our public screenings. Ang hirap n'on! Let's try to appreciate the role of this office and get to know them more so we can support them in their quest for balance.

Here is their mission-vision statement:

To the Public
The MTRCB, as a regulatory board, aims to afford the public exemplary exhibitions in movies and television with the purpose of encouraging production of globally-competitive movies/ exhibitions, which should be both entertaining and artistic, in order to raise the standard of art for the public.

To the Industry
The MTRCB, as a partner in the progress of the Movie and Television industry, strives to provide to the industry opportunites for improvement by implemeting regulations and guidelines acceptable to parties concerned thereby maintaining an atmosphere of partnership and cooperation between the government and the industry.

Both groups have the best intentions. Both groups --doing their jobs. What do you think? At least, let's ask the questions together.

Maybe we can figure it out eventually.

We've faxed and emailed an invitation to the MTRCB, let's hope they join us.

As of Dec 31 -- we've invited the filmmakers and they have confirmed. A faxed invitation letter was sent to the MTRCB. Let's hope they grace our show, too, for a more balanced view of this matter at hand. READ MORE ABOUT THE FILMS AND READ MORE ABOUT THE MTRCB

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Dec 30 on Rock Ed Radio>> "AND THE WINNER IS....."

To end the year, we are inviting everyone to share their own "Best and Worst [Anything]" awards. The 1st Personalized Awards Night.

Example: The Gang Award for "2007 Pinaka-gatong na Photoshopped Poster Award" goes to SUGARFREE!!! Tignan mo naman, ang mga kutis.....

Text or email us your BEST AND WORST awards for the year 2007. Maski anong category. Runner up pala sa photoshopped-poster award ay si Miguel Zubiri. (rubyred leeps) ....

Worst dance by a politician -- Manny Villar ... hee hee ..
Most annoying TV campaign ad -- Tessie Aquino-Oreta (wid a teary eyed look)

mga ganun ganun...

Go Go Go. Ano ang "best and worst of 2007" list ninyo.. text NUMSG space [message] to 29107.

or leave post here.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Dec 23 on Rock Ed Radio >> "GANITO TAYO T'WING PASKO" a Christmas special

Usapang ugali muna tayo.

Eavesdrop on Aia (IMAGO), Ebe (SUGARFREE), Tado (LIVE TILAPIA), Ramon (the Ramon Bautista Show) , Lourd (RadioactiveSagoProject), Gang (Rock Ed Philippines), Pam (MOZZIE, Super section, PDI) Quark and Nix (US 2 EVIL ZERO) and many surprise guests from previous episodes (TRIBU!!) as they explore our attitude changes during Christmas. (post here your favorite Rock Ed Radio guest so we can invite them over to join this Christmas no-beer party conversation haha.)

Bakit maraming nagkaka syota, bumabait, tumataba, nagsesenti, etc pag sapit ng Disyembre?
Ganito kaya talaga tayo?
Yung mga distinct character changes ng Pinoy pag Pasko.

At isama na rin natin ano ang mga tradisyon ng kani-kanilang pamilya sa Pasko.
Pahinga muna tayo sa mga issue. Usapang laseng muna at usapang Merikrismas muna.

Masaya 'tong usapan na 'to. Sali kayo. Kayo? Anong nagbabago sa inyo tuwing sumasapit ang Pasko? Mas marami bang nagiging mag-on o nagbe-breyk pag pasko?

photo grabbed through -- please don't sue us, we're advertising this for you. naks. merry christmas

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Dec 16 on Rock Ed Radio >> KUMUSTAHAN EPISODE: A Human Rights Week Special

Being International Human Rights Week, Rock Ed Radio decided to do a follow-up episode on two past topics covered.

Our Dec 2 episode was on the Sumilao Farmers' march and as we all know the group arrived Manila last week, walking all the way from Mindanao and is now on a stand-still with the DAR Secretary and San Miguel Foods Inc. Let's talk to the representatives of Saligan and Pakisama, who ably assist the farmers in their struggle to fight for their claims. Atty Aison Garcia and Prof Soc Banzuela will be coming back to the show.

Our July 8 episode, on the other hand, featured the Desaparecidos focusing mostly on the disappearance of Jonas Burgos in April of this year. We'll have JL Burgos and his mother Edita Burgos coming back to the show to update us on their search since that fateful day.
Join us on Dec 16 (SUNDAY SILENCE II day!!) @8pm on NU107.

The fight for Human Rights is won because people followed through.

So here we are.


Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Dec 9 on Rock Ed Radio>> UNDERSTANDING DEPRESSION: an overview

Beat the Christmas blues! Teka, baket may Christmas blues? Bakit may ganun? More than emo. Let's get to the truth of this common human experience.

Let's talk about depression and how it affects us. Sabi nga nila, understanding and naming the problem is half the solution. Or something like that.

Joining Lourd and Gang that night we have: Fr. Ted Gonzales, SJ, Choncho Sanchez of the Center for Family Ministries. Clinical Psychologist Dr. Lucille Afable-Montes, and maybe Mary Ann Tantoco-Eala of Assumption College, Rene San Andres of the Ateneo de Manila University might join us, too.

Hang in there! Let's figure this one out.

Minsan nasa simoy lang yon ng hangin. Minsan hindi. Tignan natin.

Makinig sa Linggo. Pagkatapos ng Rock the Riles. 8pm.


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