Sunday, May 25, 2008

June 1 on Rock Ed Radio>> "Time Will Reveal" (ni El deBarge)

Patay kayo.

Where were you when this watch was the bomb?

June 1 is the day we remember the crannies of the 80's. (Dekada Otsenta)

May jelly shoes ka ba? (aka Crayons) Bla-bla? (tama ba spelling, Reg?) Manipis na necktie, argyle vest, red na topsiders, Weejuns, Haruta, Ricco shirts, Culture Club na stationary na craft paper? Alam mo ba kung saan ang Kirei? Bumibili ka ba no'n sa Reginas? tapos sa Tickles? La Tienda, Whistle Stop? Ikaw ba'y nagka-Trapper Keeper?
Patay ka. Sali ka dito sa usapan na 'to... kung kilala mo lahat ng Regal Babies.

At alam mo kung anong day sa That's Entertainment si Lotlot. (and Friends) Solid 'to. Lakers ka ba o Celtics? Alam mo ba kung ano ang F.E.N? (ayon) Alam mo ba kung saan ang Jazz Rhythms, Faces, ZigZag, Culture Club, Euphoria, Roxy's? (aba....)

Let's talk to the experts: The Ronnies, (Ene, Ronnie, Reg etc) Dan Gil (Chillitees), and the ultimate star of the shadow of the 80's ...... the man who is just a smile away....... Jaime Garchitorena. (sumikat ba 'to? haha loko lang, Jaime...) Raimund Marasigan! (Sandwich --"meron lang Betamax") Patay.

As of Thursday, May 29 -- Rogue Magazine's Erwin Romulo, 80s outskirts expert (kasi bata pa daw siya) will join us, pati na rin si Mon Guinto ng LomoManila, they will help us recall the music and party scene. (Corinthian par-teigh)

It is high time we remember the 80's with sheer knowledge of the decade and utter disrespect for what was cool. (ows?)

What do you remember most about the 80s?
What was the vibe then that's completely defunct now?
What do you miss most?
Which trend would you revive?

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

May 25 on Rock Ed Radio >> "INDIE: Ako, artist"

We are often surprised when we hear a good song on mainstream radio and find out that it's self-produced. Which raises the question: "Does a big label validate talent?"

Indie labels are on the rise but the self-produced work is another beast altogether.

Let's talk to artists who manage and produce themselves. Patrick Alvarez is producing "Wonder" his first album, Aimee Marcos is the drummer of the band called The Dorques (also self-producing so far...) and Dystocia Curve is a highly prolific band that is still in the outskirts of the scene. They have recorded approximately 60 tracks by now and they plan to release an album within the year.

Poet and Executive Producer of Panoramanila Pictures, Jourdan Sebastian will tell us about the behind-the-scenes vibe of the independently produced film entitled "Ploning."

The creative scene in the Philippines is brimming with robust talent. Why wait for the breaks, they say? Well, they're not. (Bravo)

What do you think of self-producing? Will you ever self-publish, produce, record, distribute?

Artist, produce thyself!

Tell us why or why not.

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Monday, May 12, 2008

May 18 on Rock Ed Radio>> Ugaling Teatro

Ang labo ng panahon! Minsan mainit. Tapos minsan baha.
Kaya mag swimming muna tayo. (Non sequitur)
Sa laot ng teatro!

So ----

Kausapin natin ang mga batikang beterano sa teatro. Kilalanin natin sila.


Critically acclaimed maldita Cherie Gil of DREAMPLAYS.

'Big time' actor Nor Domingo not-so-sometimes famous for his coffee TVC's, indie films and his roles in the plays of PETA.

Repertory hero (dating gumanap ng "Miong" sa kwento ng buhay ni Emilio Aguinaldo) na si Rem Zamora.

Kakausapin din tayo ni Bituin Escalante tungkol sa mga productions niya abroad at ano ang pakiramdam na mayroong (declared unofficial created by a fan) website na tungkol lamang sa kanya. (wuhoo)

Para sa iyo, ano ang misconceptions about actors?
Ginusto mo ba sumali man lang sa teatro sa eskwelahan? Kung oo, pero hindi ka sumali, ano ang pumigil sa iyo?

Maarte lang ba ang pwede maging artista sa teatro?

Maarte ka ba?

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Sunday, May 4, 2008

May 11 on Rock Ed Radio>> GAME ON: (gaming in the Philippines)

Historically, a gamer was someone who played role-playing games or war games, but more recently the term has come to include computer and video game players. Although the term technically includes those who do not necessarily consider themselves gamers (ie, casual gamers), it is a commonly used term to identify persons who spend as much of their leisure time as possible playing or reading about games. *

PLAYGROUND Magazine's Mirra, Karen and JL will talk to us about what they know about gaming and games and gamers. We also got in touch with Phil from Level-Up Games and we will wait for his confirmation. Let's hope they join us, too. (as of May 10 -- Mon Macutay, Marketing Manager of Level Up Games will join us.)

What do you think of Massive Multi-player Online Role-Playing Games? (MMORPG) Games like World of Warcraft, Everquest, Ragnarok...

If you are not a gamer, what do you think of them?

What about console games like Tekken, Halo, Guitar Hero, Final Fantasy, Counterstrike, Command and Conquer, Starcraft, Grand Theft from Wii.....Zelda, Mario Kart.. etc.

Which ones do you play? Do you consider yourself a gaming addict?

Kung wala kang alam na NI-ISANG game na nabanggit ka na rin. We want to know if there are NON-GAMERS in the house.

For two pizzas again, courtesy of Route 196... sino ang gaming addict sa Rock Ed Radio, si Lourd, si Gang, o si Shannen? Lahat? Wala? Dalawa sa kanila?

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