Sunday, September 30, 2007

Oct 7 on Rock Ed Radio>> Let's talk to the PEOPLE BEHIND THE KLIEG LIGHTS..

Rock Ed Radio backstage memo: We received no confirmation from any of the fratmembers we invited to guest so we had to change the topic of discussion for this weekend.

So------- let's talk to the people behind the rock stars. The men and women who manage the music makers of the scene --circa 2007.

Confirmed guests are Lizza Nakpil of Rivermaya, Alvin Landeral of Kjwan, Sweet of Salindiwa, Trici of Sugarfree (sana si Monch din) Andy of Sound, Shellby of the Itchyworms, hopefully Toti and/or Tiff of Terno Recordings join us, as well as Jamie of Sandwich, Soki of Chicosci, we invited Diane and/or Day of Pupil.

Ask about the challenges of handling the players in the music scene, labels, venues, concert planning. Listen to their take on this so-called music boom of ours. Iba ang punto de vista nitong mga kalahok natin sa Rock Ed Radio.
Ang mga boss. Tingin ng marami, sila ang mga tunay na rakstar at dapat lang na marinig din sila ng mga tao.

Let's listen to the voices from the back stage this time.

Parang masaya 'to. Tune in on Sunday. Oct 7 @8pm on NU107.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Sept 30 on Rock Ed Radio >> THE ME GENERATION!

This Sunday on Rock Ed Radio! We decided to invite the Star's SUPREME columnist Pepe Diokno to take the helm.

So we can talk about --------------------------------------------- YOU! (ME!) US! Wheee.

" Some genius decided that phones and cameras should be one. And the world was changed. Millions started clicking at their phones, snapping shots of the life around them. And one day, the temptation to turn the phones around became too much for kids, and the camwhore was born. With this, came a new image of "me." We became our own icons; royalty, our own paparazzo's and stars. People started to see the importance of "me," flaunting it, even. "Check me out! (Snap, snap, snap)!"-- that had to be the sound that closed the millennium. ME-POWER.

These things have lead to the core of this generation: Aren't we the most self-centered generation ever? We are. We are the most image-conscious, self-important batch of kids ever to walk the planet. Despite world-wide turmoil, we spend hours updating our Facebook profiles; hours putting our opinions and feelings into a blog-- as if others care. We spend extra time on what we wear, trying to identify ourselves with brands, bands, movies, even causes. It's a whole operation, for this generation, this construction of "me". And, it's a billion-dollar operation, with the lowly baller ID at its foundation. Jocks, emo kids, valley girls, Northies, Southies, activists, vegans-- are all wrapped up in the construction of themselves. Admit it. "

Let's join Pepe Diokno talk to pro-blogger Jayvee Fernandez and his group, some winners of the Coke Blogging competition, and more interesting people to talk about how we do seem to be the most self-absorbed generation, to date.

Sit-in lang si Lourd at si Gang dito.

Quote above is an excerpt from Pepe Diokno's article from the Phil Star's SUPREME section entitled "Me, Me, Me, Me" To read copy of article click here.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sept 23 on Rock Ed Radio! "Paano gumimik ang kabataan nung martial law?"

35 years after Ferdinand Marcos declared Martial Law in the Philippines, many of us don't remember much about it or know only (what we think) are myths about that iron-fist season.

Let's learn about Proclamation 1081 from another angle.

"Paano ba gumimik ang mga kabataan nung martial law?"

Let's listen to Joey Faustino, whose older brother disappeared in the 70's; Atty. Chel Diokno, son of the late great Sen. Jose "Pepe" Diokno will be there.

Meet (newcomer to Rock Ed Radio) Atty. Gil de los Reyes who has worked for decades as a lawyer for development work and was a student activist during the tail-end of the Marcos era.

Cool 'tong mga 'to. Makinig kayo. At magtanong.

A country's history can be unveiled from several angles --this just might prove to be one of the more valid points of view.

Naniniwala ang Rock Ed Radio na kung may karahasang dinaanan ang isang lipunan, hindi ito dapat nakakalimutan.

Let's remember Martial Law.

Saan tayo galing? Para mas desidido tayo pag dating sa tanong na, "saan kaya talaga tayo papunta?"

Hala, sige tanong na.

photo credit: Sakbayan VW, the assumed Martial Law gimmick car of choice. (pero teka, let's rephrase--- car of choice ito ng MetroCom dati, kasi walang pintuan, mas madali idakip ang mga nakasakay na long hair)

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Sept 16 on Rock Ed Radio: Bakit laging kontrabida ang mga frat?

Ah hah.

Let's hear different points of view on why fraternities almost always have a bad rap.

Adel Tamano, as the new President of the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila. (PLM) Cong. Gilbert Remulla and actor Tado Jimenez both fratmen, musician Paolo Santos will try to drop by and give his observations, we are still in the process of completing the guest roster. Any recommendations? We're looking for a parent or a spouse of a frat man.

Regulations for frat episode:

1. This episode is not a debate nor is it a two-sided panel thing.

2. This is a gathering of opinions and explanations fueled by your questions so we can do away with narrowminded approaches.

3. This is a weeding out of myths, a sorting out of stories, so we can all come to our own informed conclusions on this periodically controversial topic.

4. Ask questions for clarification instead of berating either side of this coin.

5. Raise your point, ask away. Listen and perhaps, learn.


We promise that this discussion will be moderated by Gang with enough sleep and Lourd with coffee and extra Joss. (Translation: matinong usapan.)

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Sept 9 on Rock Ed Radio: "Geology, the learning of science, and the nation" o parang ganun...

Ano ang tunay na inaalay ng mga geologists sa bayan?
May kinagagawan ba sa nation building ang agham?

Briefing na rin tayo on 'disaster preparedness' --practical tips on how to be ready for the natural calamities that frequent the Philippines. Suking-suki tayo sa bagyo, earthquake and etc. So okey tong episode na to.
Plus ito na siguro ang pinaka-charming na roster of science teachers na maririnig ninyo. (Charming science teacher? meron ba nun....)

Profs. CP David, PhD, Mahar Lagmay, PhD, Jun Obille, MS Geology, Ruby Cristobal, PhD, Dante de Leon, high school science teacher of Miriam College will talk to us about science and the nation.

Wuhooo. And weird nito.

Pero game, subukan na rin natin.

photo: Satellite shot of the Philippines c/o ata, ewan ko basta nasa photo nakalagay yung copyright. tapos yung Pinatubo shot, nakalimutan ko pangalan ng award winning photographer, paki research naman o, si Alex Baluyot ata. Sorry, hanapin ko ulit.

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