Sunday, June 29, 2008

July 6 on Rock Ed Radio>> MAAYO KAAYO*

Let's talk to the fine musicians from Cebu. Urbandub and Faspitch are now (sort of) based in Manila but are born and bred in the Queen City of the South!

Explore the experience of these artists, being transplanted (albeit temporarily) from their homes and making it (really making it) in the main music scene.

Any questions? Mangutana kamo diri, mag istorya sila kay Lourd ug kay Gang sa Rock Ed Radio, karong Linggo sa NU107.**

Post Q's here, then tune in on Sunday.

Cheers cheers.

*Visayan for "Sobrang galing" or "Magaling talaga"
**Ask questions here, then they will tell Lourd and Gang on Rock Ed Radio, this Sunday on NU107.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

June 29 on Rock Ed Radio>> "Half and Half"

Let's talk to the half-Pinoys who live here. Students from the British School Manila will guest and will tell us what their views are on their part-ethnicity.

Participants of Ms. Cherie Gil's DREAMPLAYS theater group, mostly borne of one Filipino parent. This should be interesting.

Naku. Mapapa-inggles na naman si Lourd at Gang. Patay tayo dyan.

Kayo, may tanong o comment ba kayo tungkol sa mga kaibigan o kakilala ninyong half-Pinoy? May distinct traits ba sila na iba sa ating mga puro? Ano ang mga advice na mabibigay ninyo sa kanila (lalo na yung mga kaka-transplant lang dito kasama ng kanilang re-settling mixed-race parents.)

Post here!

Monday, June 16, 2008

June 22 on Rock Ed Radio: "old school, new school"

On June 22, Sunday, Rock Ed Radio will talk to the people behind THE ONE SCHOOL a non-traditional business school in Makati, dubbing itself as "Real World Education."

Let's take a verbal tour of this whole new campus. The ONE SCHOOL offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Entrepreneurship. Neat, for starters. Our main guest will be engineer/entrepreneur (bar none) Lex Ledesma. (maybe more guests will confirm through the week)

Joining us, too, will be representatives of the School of Fashion Arts where a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fashion Design and Marketing can be obtained. Not to be ignored is Spin City -- a school for DJ's. (ah hah. Didn't we say that education just got cooler...)

1. Is your old school, uh, old school?
2. What is your perception of a 'new' school?
3. Do you think this notion is true: that we choose our schools based on its traditions and not its actual education-method practice?

and now for the beauty contest question.........

4. If you could start your own school, what would it focus on? What kind of degrees would you want to offer? Why?

Post comments and questions here - so we can discuss on Sunday.
Teachers and parents are welcome to post here, too.

Join us, this Sunday. Rock Ed Radio classes begin at 8pm. Attendance never checked. Tests never given. Grades irrelevant. Just listen and learn on your own. Remember lessons only if you want to, apply theories only if it works for you.

Now..... what did we say again? (education just got.........................)

-Rock Ed Radio faculty and staff

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

June 15 on Rock Ed Radio>> "Violently in Order."

High bloody time we talk about mixed martial arts and its place in the scene.

Let's hear it from Universal Reality Combat Championship's steers Alvin Aguilar, Bubbles Aguilar, Charles Diao and a couple of other fighters who are up to the challenge of talking about what they do best on-air. Chris Belardo, Pony's "Rock and Rumble" event chief-idea-guy will join us, too.

We got a lot of mixed reactions when we first decided to feature this topic, comments ranging from "too violent," "encourages rash reactions from my sons" ---all the way to --- "cool!" "astig yan" etc let's get to the bottom of this phenomenon called Mixed Martial Arts.

May alam ba kayo tungkol sa Mixed Martial Arts? Ano ang tingin ninyo sa mga kasapi sa mundong ito? (teachers and parents are encouraged to participate in this discussion as well)

Post comments and questions here.


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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

June 8 on Rock Ed Radio >> Pride Reunion

Last year, we had Danton Remoto, Aiza Seguerra, Pam Pastor, Tatum Ancheta, Ramon Bautista, Jaime Garchitorena talk to us about coming out, courage, acceptance, challenges, advantages. This year, we're inviting them back on air to update us. I wonder if we are a kinder society at all when it comes to the rights of all?

Watch out this week for the possible additions to this roster of guests.

Tell us, are we any more progressive than last year when it comes to accepting the realities of homosexuality? What do you think?
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