Monday, April 28, 2008

May 4 on Rock Ed Radio>> "To tat or not to tat...." (working title: "don't tat my pwet")

Always wanted a tattoo? Or very certain that you don't want one.

Let's explore the wide world of body art.
More than just needles and ink, this ancient art identified the warriors and tribes of yore.

Artists Cuerpo and Sambajon of P&P Tattoo will be with us along with proprietor and tat men, Ronian Poe and Joel Poniente. Last I heard they will bring a tat machine to the studio and will tat someone live on air. The toss up is between Lourd, Gang or DJ Shannen or Monica. Ayos.

Good luck.

Ask your tat questions now.

Raffle question to win 2 pizzas from Route 196 c/o Rock Ed Radio: SINO ANG MAY TATTOO? Si Gang o si Lourd. O wala? O pareho? Si Shannen o Francis ba meron?

Poster by Gang Badoy
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Monday, April 21, 2008

April 27 on Rock Ed Radio >> HULING BALITA

A tale of two families.

Burgos : one son, Jonas, missing since April 28, 2007. Read more.

Quintos: two sons, Paul and Michael murdered Dec 13, 1997. Read more.

Both families will be represented during the show.

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27 April 2008

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Post advance comments and questions regarding our justice system. Suggestions, reactions, may or may not be confined to these two cases. We want to know what you think. Any first-hand experiences with Philippine courts?

photo and lay-out: GangBadoy 2008

Monday, April 14, 2008

April 20 on Rock Ed Radio >> Journalists can be bloggers, but a blogger cannot.....

Okay, since the Montanos came out on National TV last week, we surmise that it is now okay to make the Brian Gorrell blog a case study on Rock Ed Radio. Both sides have aired the laundry so now the discussion is fair game. Is the Gorrell blog libelous, a solid case of defamation, blackmail? Is it simply an out-of-hand rant of a lover dumped or isa ba siyang venue para manumpit ng patama sa mga Dona Victorina ng ating panahon? (or is it a venue to spit darts onto the Dona Victorinas of our time?)

What do you think?

Some people say that blogging is a personal thing therefore the ethics that journalists are subject to do not apply to blogging, but the worldwide web is very different from a handwritten journal placed under your mattress. So they say, nay! ...journalistic ethics still apply. But wait! A blogger is not a journalist, even if a journalist can blog.What is the leeway you will give to bloggers and blogging? Which lines will you cross, not cross or snort. Tadah. (that just slipped out now, didn't it?)

No out and out judgments here, just tell us your take on the verb "blogging," please. Oh and maybe it's good to leave out the others alone, but the Montanos not excempt. They're part and parcel of this one. After all, they did come out in the 'nationalest of national TVs' (Korina, no less)

So. I shall refrain saying any more on this post. But I will certainly handwrite something and tuck the moleskin under my bed. And if I were DJ, I'd say, "You'd have to pull out my 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets to know what I really think." But I'm not him, so I'll just say, "Tanong niyo sa ipis namin sa apartment." (Ask the roaches in my apartment.)

What a circus. And we thought politics was a bad neighborhood.

We think this Sunday's episode on Rock Ed Radio will be interesting, if only for the panelists. Pepe Diokno (Supreme, Phil Star) Pam Pastor (Super, Phil Daily Inquirer) and Rome Jorge (Lifestyle Editor, Manila Times) We will also have our very own Pepeng Buraot. (texter of the year, Rock Ed Radio.)April 20, Sunday @8pm on NU107. (Note: despite being the first to confirm over two weeks ago, Patricia Evangelista sent us word yesterday that she will be out of town for a shoot and is now unsure if she can make it.)


Ikaw, do you blog? Do you blog negatively about others? (what about vice versa?) Whose rights are right, the blogger or the blogged about? Ano tingin niyo?

Post comment here or text NUMSG (space) message to 29107 on Sunday at 8pm.

This should be educational enough.


Illustration by Quentric copyright2006, lay out by Gang Badoy

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Download this photo and post on your online accounts. Spread the word. School's out but your education goes on.

Rock Ed Radio is your alternative Social Studies class on FM.

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Ang okey dito, di kailangang mag hulog ng limang piso.

Libre tuition mo, dahil scholar ka sa Rock Ed Radio.

photo by Gang Badoy, old jukebox in a diner along Fields Ave, Clark area Pampanga.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

April 13 on Rock Ed Radio >> "Dripping Creativity" (and generous about it)

Let's talk to DRIP. (yeeeey) DRIP is: Beng Calma-Alcazaren on Vocals, Malek Lopez on live keyboards, sound design & programming, Caliph8 on Turntables & FX and Ian "Morse" Magbanua on beats, samples & programming

Of course, engineer par excellence Mark Laccay will join us, too. Unbeknownst to many, (even to him!) Mark won the Rock Ed "Best Supporting-Lead Vocals" award. (sangkanaman nakarinig nonnnnn?!) The only award of its kind. He earned this by ably "support-screaming" for Radioactive Sago Project while sitting in the sound booth during a WILD WILD gig somewhere in the South.... because Lourd lost most of his voice right before the gig. (isipin mo yon....)

And to a group called Creative Commons. (yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey) Let's get to know what these people on-the-edge REALLY do. More importantly, what they stand for. We're sure they don't call themselves such for nothing.

We'll ask them what they mean when they say, "you can share your intellectual property..."

Ah hah!

A nifty conversation with people who know juuuuuuust how to push the envelope.

Ikaw? What is your stance on Intellectual Property Rights? Have you ever experienced being plagiarized, in any form?

Tell us. Tell us.

Here (by posting) ... or during the show this Sunday by texting NU (space) MSG to 29107.

illustration by Laurence Quentric, lay out by GangBadoy
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