Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Feb 3 on Rock Ed Radio >> "Sibling Revelry*"

There are many Psych 101 theories on the effect of birth order on our personalities. So let's get to the (casual, somewhat) bottom of this! Let's talk to siblings in the music biz. LC, Cero (Reklamo) and Marco (Paramita, Dr. Mindbender) de Leon. Siblings all.

Note: We also invited the Yuzons (Yan, Pupil & Yael, SpongeCola) and the Sergios (Japs, Rivermaya & Dok, Pupil) as well. Let's hope they can make it.

Lourd is very busy working on (yet another) magnum opus so he might not be with us for a bit --BUUUUT, Myrene Academia (former NU DJ Sandwich, Duster, Imago) will co-host that night. Whee.

So--------- masungit pero responsible nga ba talaga ang mga panganay?
Brat at makulit nga ba talaga ang mga bunso?
Hindi ba talaga nakaka-adjust ang mga middle child at nagiging loner?
Totoo pa rin ba ang sinasabi nilang Pinoy-style na "kung sinong mas nakatatanda, eh syang masusunod?"

(post comments now!)

Habang andito tayo, (with a balance of genders in the roster) pag usapan na rin natin ang mga parenting styles and how different they've become. Let's talk about how sons and daughters are raised by parents and how it affects our big decisions in life.

Note: We have expanded the show's topic and guest roster: We will have Richard Higgins of the US Peace Corps (6th child out of 7), Natalie Glanville-Wallis(first born) -a British writer/documentary producer, Serge Ferrand (middle child)- a French independent filmmaker joining us. They will tell us about birth-order-determined personalities in their own cultures. Maybe we'll find some similarities. We can figure out if it, indeed, is a small world after all. (tadah- haha. ingglisan na naman)

Note: As of Feb 1 -- Former Rep. Gilbert Remulla will join us so he can represent the youngest child. Haha. (sya lang available na kayang makipag-tagisan sa inggles sa mga 'to. haha)

Garantisado --
Masaya 'to.

Tune in, Sunday Feb 3. @8pm on NU107.

*this episode's working title was "Wag po, Koya"
**illustration by Ed Koren of The New Yorker. copyright2005

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Jan 27 on Rock Ed Radio >> The US Peace Corps and RIVERMAYA! (2 in 1 --bagong format, naks)

Our episode will be divided into two parts. (nakanaman) Experiment tayo.... As promised, magsa-slang na si Gang at si Lourd. Hehe.


Join them as they talk to Kelly Powasnik and Sherry Manning, both volunteers with the US Peace Corps here in the Philippines. We will ask them what they've learned about us. We can discuss observations they've made while temporarily calling the Philippines home. We might find out things that we don't notice much about ourselves from another point of view. This should be interesting because they are foreigners who have stayed here for a longer amount of time and under "not-so-touristy" circumstances. Whew.

Mapapa-sabak tayo sa ingglisan nito. Pero sige lang...dahil sa second half ng show ... kakausapin naman natin ang --------------- "RIVERMAYA: PEACE TIME"

Kakausapin natin ang Rivermaya! Iniisip namin ipasabak din sila sa ingglisan... hehehe.... Pero more importantly let's talk to Rivermaya about what they think about many things. (labo)
This should be interesting.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Jan 13 on Rock Ed Radio >> SINO SWERTE SA 2008?

Still in the spirit of the spanking new year, we will be trying to figure out our concepts of LUCK. Ano nga ba ang swerte? Sino ang maswerteng tao? Pag successful ang isang tao, ilang por siento don ang swerte? Mga nananalo sa Lotto --swerte nga lang ba talaga?

According to Wikipeda: Luck refers to that which happens beyond a person's control. This view incorporates phenomena that are chance happenings, a person's place of birth for example, but where there is no uncertainty involved, or where the uncertainty is irrelevant.

We will be talking to three ladies from different fields of expertise. Dr. Ruby Cristobal (of the DOST who hosts her own show at DZMM) and Sr. Rose Uy and Sr. Leela Aneseta of the Brahma Kumaris QC Spirituality Center. Dr. Ruby is a scientist while Sr. Rose and Leela are involved with the "Women of Spirit Series" of their center. All will probably have different tilts on the angles of what we call "luck."

We also sent an invitation to a couple of Feng Shui practitioners, hopefully they reply and confirm their attendance soon. (If you know any, kindly post a message here so we can invite them or text 0917-477-0754 for guest recommendation) We will also invite an Irish man to join us to talk to us about the Irish concept of luck.

Sa iyo? Ano ang maswerte? Sino ang maswerte?

Teka, ano ang iyong konsepto ng "swerte?" At kung hindi ka naniniwala sa swerte, paki sabi naman sa amin dito kung bakit. Post comments below and join the conversation.

photo source: listverse.com, etc etc.

PostNote: Jan 11, 2008 -- We can't seem to get a reply from the Feng Shui experts and the Irishman is not replying just yet --we will have Miko of Bitaw, a poetry group and Marco of Paramita and Dr. Mindbender to come and join us in the show.
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