Monday, March 31, 2008

April 6 on Rock Ed Radio >> "IDLE AND WILD" (and a whole lot of summer adjectives)

Too hot to wear a black shirt.
So we'd like to hear your ideas for the hot months ahead. (non-sequitur)

Tanungin natin ang ilang malikhaing Pinoy kung ano ginagawa nila tuwing summer.

Rem Zamora, thespian (Repertory Phils) and restaurateur (Piquant) along with Bryan Valenzuela of the School of Fashion Arts and Erica Paredes (This Kid Loves Vintage) will tell us what they used to do with their summer vacations. At kung meron bang isang summer na nagbago ang lahat ng desisyon nila. Yogi Tesa Celdran (Pulse Yoga) will join us and a storyteller from Adarna Books will represent the Raya School, instead of the earlier announced Ani Almario-David. :)

Career options. Hobbies. A craft. An art. Bumuo ng banda. Summer fun. Boredom. Raket. Kalokohan. Negosyo. Yoga and meditation. Mag volunteer. Sports. Think of all the possibilities!

I suppose this summer can be the summer that 'just whizzed by' or the summer that you decided on the rest of your life. (Oprah moment of the day, urrk*) Your call.

But wait --

We want to hear from YOU! Tell us:

1. Anong nakasanayan mong atupagin pag summer?
2. Kung may kailangan kang baguhin sa iyong "summer state of mind" ano 'yon?
3. Ano yung gusto mo talagang gawin ngayong walang pasok?
4. Bakit kaya hindi mo ginagawa?

5. Best summer advice you ever got. (on anything.)
6. This summer, would you rather be idle or wild?


Pag usapan natin 'to.

Ang advice lang ng Rock Ed Radio ay ito. UMINOM NG MARAMING ....................... tubig. :)

illustration by O.Phipponneau;layout by GangBadoy

Sunday, March 23, 2008

March 30 on Rock Ed Radio >> RADIOACTIVE SAGO PROJECT: Unplugged and Unkempt

Rock Ed Radio turns one! Our first broadcast was (appropriately) on April Fool's Day 2007. Tonight we shall celebrate on air with a smooth groovy gig by Radioactive Sago Project and then some. (if you air it they will come...)

@8pm on NU107.

Post more topic and guesting suggestions on this entry and the best suggestion will WIN A CD compilation of (almost) all the radio episodes on MP3 format. (as if gusto niyo yun....)

O sige, two free pizzas from Route 196 na rin.

THIS SUNDAY --- YOU ASK THE QUESTIONS! Radioactive Sago Project, Gang and Lourd will answer. So ask away. Everything you've always wanted to ask but were afraid to ask. On anything. (naks)


Monday, March 17, 2008

March 23 on Rock Ed Radio>> "Tropical Hot Hamboorjer Summer...." (working title for this episode was: the Transformers)

Well. Let's see. It's Easter Sunday (for the Christians) so maybe we should talk about something along those lines. Lots of segments for this coming show. Read on:

Let's listen to a 'transformed' life. (translation: nawalan ng trabaho, hehe loko lang, Sir --peace!) Recently resigned from the Cultural Center of the Philippines, veteran actor, guardian of the arts, former Vice-President and Artistic Director of the CCP --Nanding Josef will tell us his Easter story.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand --- writer Panjee Tapales and International Man of Mystery (haha wala akong ibang description Dale, sorry --are you a writer, too?) Dale Diaz of PAG-ASA (Peoples Assembly for Genuine Alternatives to Social Apathy) will tell us about hope. and HOPEfully Nicanor Perlas can join the group as well. (wow puro hope) I suppose summer is a good time to search for hope. (whut?) :) Seriously, let's learn more about this group and why they bravely call themselves PAG-ASA.

A rep from the Philippine Educational Theater Association (or PETA) might join us, too.

Ani and CP David of the Raya School will start off the hour by telling us how or why it's good to stay away from being idle over the summer. ("HUG YOUR CHILD TODAY BEFORE A DRUG PUSHER DO." -signage by entrance of Teacher's Camp in Baguio) Teka, may nagtanong... paano daw kung daddy mo yung drug pusher? Hug mo pa rin. haha. Ang inet, grabe....... brain-melt.

Anyway --- summer na. So may oras na tayong magtanong ng magtanong ng magtanong....

Grabe ang inetttttttttttttt... makinig. This Sunday @8pm. Discussions moderated by Gang Badoy of Rock Ed Philippines and Lourd de Veyra of Radioactive Sago Prrrrrrrrroject.

School ends! Now your education begins with Rock Ed Radio on the Home of NURock. Because because because... education is the new black. And learning is still the new rock and roll.

*"things that make you go hmmm" is from C&C Music Factory, some 90's hit, whatever.... oldy.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

March 16 on Rock Ed Radio>> "Maari po bang magtanong?" (a very casual open-forum on what's goin' on...)

Sa dami nang nalilito tungkol sa mga nangyayari, nasasabi, na fi-feature sa TV -- Rock Ed Radio decided to invite a round of people who may be able to take some of our questions. This may very well settle some disputes we've had with our friends or uncles in the past month. :)

Let's ask people. Maybe, our government is more transparent than we think it is. Maybe the answers are available but we just never asked. Never react from hearsay -- ask the source. Now might be a good time to do that. DOTC's ASec Lorenzo "Amboy" Formoso is the Chief Legal Counsel of the Commission on Information and Communications Technology (CICT). His office is directly in charge of the NBN-ZTE project proposal and its purposes. He will guest on Rock Ed Radio and decided to take on our questions this Sunday. What is this NBN-ZTE project all about anyway and why is it in such hot water lately? Now is a good time to ask from all sides. Post away!

And as most of you requested --- Former NEDA Chief Solita "Mareng Winnie" Monsod has been invited and will confirm her attendance in a few days. (so far, so good) She can shed some insight on this one, we're almost certain. In the light of all this, how do we best participate? Do we rally or not rally? Are we helpless? Are the decisions really only in the hands of those in position and power? Ask. Post questions below.

Completing the panel is Transparency and Accountability Network Head Vincent Lazatin. We will also extend invitations to some of our student leaders in the coming days. (maybe the UP Student Regent and YOUTH ACT NOW Head Terry Ridon.) Let's hope they can join us. Let's get to the bottom of this great project turned fiasco --and the subsequent movements and coalitions that have surfaced in this light.

Magtanong tayo, kasi may mga magandang pagbabagong nagaganap tuwing may nagtatanong ng mga tamang tanong.

Many good changes happen because people asked the right questions.

Mangutana kita. (Magtanong tayo)

Note: The UPLB Jocks (campus radio DJs) will observe and listen in studio and will open the floor with questions. Thanks to Francis and group!)

Sunday, March 2, 2008

March 9 on Rock Ed Radio >> Mga Alagad ng Sining

Di naman panay dilim
ang gabing walang buwan
pagkat maraming bituin
akong nakita noon,
paglakad sa lansangan,
nakatingin sa bituin.

mula sa "Nakatingin sa Bituin" ni G. Pete Lacaba

Eavesdrop on this conversation among giants in the Philippine cultural scene. The poet, Pete Lacaba, talks to the thespian Irma Adlawan talks to the legendary Kuya Bodjie Pascua ---then they talk to the nobodies (haha) Gang Badoy and Lourd de Veyra. (flip over to one big vice versa)

"Para sa inyo, ano ang dapat na critera para sa isang Pambansang Alagad ng Sining?" Ano ang traits ng mga nagiging National Artist? Ano ang hamon sa isang artista ng mga panahon?

Post in your comments and questions now.

Definitely an interesting episode coming up.

Tune in! Sunday, March 9 2008. @8pm.

photo credit: Pete Lacaba portrait by Gang Badoy copyright 2008.
Taken at Conspiracy Garden Cafe 29Feb2008.
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