Saturday, January 31, 2009

Feb 1 on Rock Ed Radio >> Ha Homonhon

“Ha Homonhon” (In Homonhon) is a documentary film that follows the story of a man, Eladjio Princillo or Tata Ladying, who goes on a quest to reclaim his land from a Chinese multinational mining firm after he discovers a "No Trespassing" in the land that he and his family till. Homonhon is an island in the province of Eastern Samar, Philippines, on the south east side of Leyte Gulf. The place is more known to be the island of Ferdinand Magellan’s first landfall when he circumnavigated the Earth. The whole island is a public/forest land.

-- Let's talk to the Director of the film, Charena Escala who is also of the Task Force Homonhon. Daniel Canada, Kilusang Mangingisda and Marina Amoroto a native of Homonhon will join us as well.

Maybe we can explore the adventure of an advocacy as it journeyed into film and back.

Friday, January 23, 2009

January 25 2009 on Rock Ed Radio >> THE FINAL SET! (last hurrah for your RH Bill stand research)

Paranaque Representative Eduardo Zialciata is vocal about his stance opposing the RH Bill. He has given arguments in Congress (almost) on behalf of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines. Taking a public stand for ones private beliefs is, usually, an admirable thing to do so we thought we'd grab this opportunity to let you hear his stand.

Antonio de Castro, SJ of the Loyola School of Theology will join us as well.

As someone who adheres to the Opus Dei teachings, Lucille Montes MD will join us, too.

We've heard most sides by now. Let's hear this one.

Open minded-ness is in order.

Then you decide from there.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Jan 18 2009 on Rock Ed Radio >> RESUSCITATING THE RADIO STAR!

Revival is the key!

This Sunday, ROCK ED RADIO hosts the first (in a long time) radio singing contest. It's originally entitled CPR (contest pang radyo) and it is designed to revive the radio star.

The contest mechanics are as follows:

Secret contestant is introduced. (So, no, we cannot reveal who our guests are, but I assure you, it will be exciting.)

Singer sings a song from Ronnie Dizon's (of the Ronnies) very wide repertoire.

Listeners vote for best singer from their homes.

The contest is not to guess who the singer is as we will reveal who they are when the winner is declared. This tilt is designed to revive the appreciation for the VOICE!

We will discuss singing contests in general, after. (Idol, Star Search etc etc)

Gaano ka bigat ang itchura, galaw, suot sa singing contest? Kung mabigat, eh bakit singing contest ang tawag d'on?


We will revive the radio star that video killed. :)

We re-named the contest into the THE ANABEL BOSCH RADIO STAR singing contest.
In memoriam.

Anabel was a Rock Ed volunteer. All 'secret' contestants are Rock Ed volunteer musicians as well. You probably know them. (exciting)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Jan 11 2009 on Rock Ed Radio >> Kuya Jess, mahaba rin ang buhok

Kausapin natin si Jess Santiago isang makatang nagmula sa Obando.

Walang dagdag. Basta makinig, okey 'to.

Note: Hindi kami nakapag-paalam kay Khalil Manayon, pasensya na. Ang ganda ng litrato mo ni Jess, kaya ginamit na namin. Sorry ha.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Jan 4, 2009 on Rock Ed Radio >> Stand up Comedy in the Philippines

Mike Unson and Alex Calleja are stand up comedians who will sit down with us tonight. Another comedian Stanley Chi was supposed to join us but we heard that he had a mishap recently and he needs time to recover and get his health back. We'll try to guest him as soon as he's up and about. (Get well soon, Stanley)

We suppose laughter is a respectable first topic of the year.

2009 na!
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