Tuesday, July 29, 2008

August 3 on Rock Ed Radio>> Some Untold Stories of the Filipino-American War

Dimly, our parents and grandparents remember singing the 'Star Spangled Banner' every morning in school. For a stretch of time, the American flag waved above (or beside) the Philippine flag in all the public structures in most Filipino towns.

The Treaty of Paris was signed during the month of August. The Treaty wherein Spain "sold" the Philippines to the US for $20 Million.

Let's ask Lizza Nakpil what she has studied and observed about this period in our nation's history.

We also want to find out how the Phil-Am agreements of yore still affect us today.

Importante itong topic na ito, at KAILANGAN na nating pag-usapan. Panahon na, huy.

Ilang porsyento kaya sa asal at hilig mo ang Amer'kano?

Sunday, July 20, 2008

July 27 on Rock Ed Radio>> Taxi Dancing

Dictionary of terms:

"Kwentong taxi drayber" = ang dami mong alam na detalye
"Kain taxi drayber" = tatlo ang kanin mo sa isang ulam
"Para kang taxi drayber ah" = magaling ka sa directions o kaya marami kang alam na short cut

Kilala ba talaga natin ang ating mga taxi drayber? Kausapin natin sila sa Linggo.

1. Best taxi driver encounter?
2. Worst taxi drive encounter?
3. Ikaw, anong ma-a-advice mo sa mga taxi o PUV driver?
4. Ano tingin mo sa ugali natin bilang mga pasahero?

Para mapag usapan natin sa Linggo.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Due to popular demand. The BOUNCERS are getting their very own episode. Join Rock Ed Radio as they get gig-safety wisdom from the experts. Rico Santiago, chief guy, big honcho, top kahuna of EVENTSEC will tell us what he knows about US! (and our behaviour during the big ass gigs.)

EVENTSEC prides itself in understanding the effects of alcohol on your brain. So yes, there is a science to their protecting you.

You always see them. Silently standing by the exit areas. They hardly smile at your drunken mug because they always mean business. And your safety is their foremost concern. Yes, the protection of life, health and property is what they are about-- not annoying brat wimps with male-hood issues. Although sometimes it looks that way. They will harm you only if you are harmful to the greater number presently partying in the same event as you are.
The gentle (large) men of EVENTSEC are professionally trained, they are organized, smart, they offer a tight defense against scums of the gig earth. They are kind and will always be polite by default. And only when you mess with them do they show their fangs. (and their cement block biceps, and then you know that your choice to misbehave wasn't a a smart move at all.)
Rock Ed Radio and NU107 will always salute the men who keep the safety on while allowing us to rock our adolescent heads off.
And Rock Ed will always thank BINALOT (huh?) because the security guys will always ask for extra rice during an event, and BINALOT always gives us extra rice. Haha. So there.

Anyway, maybe you have an opinion, a story, an anecdote regarding safety at a gig?

Have you ever felt unjustly handled by a bouncer during a concert? (think about it again, did you deserve it? If you insist no, then tell us about your experience.) What do you think of these large, sober men when they stand in your way and grunt, "dun ang exit." End of conversation because you will dutifully turn 45 degrees or towards the directions his jaw line points to....

I'm sure you have stories. So share.

We'll wait. Sunday @8! Basta safety first.

Monday, July 7, 2008

July 13 on Rock Ed Radio >> ASAL KALYE

Motoring Journalist, Dong Magsajo of the Philippine Star will also invite people from the International Motor Show to guest on the radio show to talk to us about road ethics. (nakuuuuuuuuuuuu. madaming guilty) We invited some musicians to come and join us for the night. JP Tuason of Tuason Racing School will be there, too to talk about OUR road habits and the skill of driving.

Chips Guevara, an engineer who advocates clean energy by manufacturing engine additions to your diesel vehicle that will allow you to run on used vegetable oil! WATCH HERE

Anyway, please post here.

1. Ano ang pinaka-reklamo mo tungkol sa ugali ng mga drayber sa kalye?
2. Ano ang suggestion mo para ma-bawasan ang mga gago sa kalye?
3. May experience ka ba na nag sumbong ka sa mga "How's My Driving?" hotline at may nangyari?
4. IKAW! Paano ka magmaneho o tumawid ng kalye, aber?

5. Survey question: kung ayaw mo yung MMDA PINK na kulay, ano ang isa-suggest mong kulay kay Bayani at bakit. Tapos magpa-petition tayo. Sakit sa ulo minsan ng pink grabe. At kung ikaw in charge sa MMDArt, ano ipi-pintura mo pamatong sa mga graffiti?

(at anong comment mo sa mga ga-higanteng mukha sa billboard...naman...)

12 July Sun on Rock Ed Radio.

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