Sunday, April 8, 2007

Are we interested in the news? Do we trust media?

Ortigas Center, 1 April 2007.

Gang and Lourd talking to Rock Ed Radio's first guest, Pochoy Labog of Dicta License. The topic was centered on why most of us are not interested in watching the news. Is it mostly because we don't trust the networks or are we just not interested, period?
Pochoy (lead vocals, Dicta License) is concerned with the coverage choices sometimes of networks, sometimes they tend to ignore pressing news over what is politically senstational, he says. While Nino Avenido (bass guitar, Greyhoundz) says that we should all appreciate the public service that the news business provides the country, we should also look at the pros alongside the cons of news watching. Ebe Dancel (lead vocals, Sugarfree) joins the thinking and talking through the topic of the night.
Group listens as Ebe discuss how he feels that the news is sensationalized for the most part and is sometimes taken as entertainment by the audience. Lourd de Veyra sums it up best by saying "..walang laban ang media na irresponsibleh, ang media na sensationalized, ang media na insensitive sa audience na armado sa talino at edukasyon."

Andy Aguirre, manager of Chillitees and Sound, listens and takes in all comments and guides us through the equipment of NU. (amateurs...)
Siksikan sa DJ booth, ang galing ng usapan. Sayang walang beer at hindi kami makapag-cheers.

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Comment of the Night went to listener named Ayn, paraphrased, she says, "Kailangan manood ng news para sa awareness, dahil dito nanggagaling ang pakikialam." (She won an autographed Sugarfree CD)

Tell us, do you watch the news? Why/Why not?


Anonymous said...

powerhouse kayo haaaaaaa! ganglourd g'leng g'leng!! more powerz! -dennis

Anonymous said...

Ang mga networks nasa pera ang priority kaya madalas hindi nacocover ang DAPAT nasa news, tama si pochoy (yeea dictaliccnse!!) -carina

jOeL FeRReR said...

BITeNNN!! pwde b 2 hrs???

dennis said...

ma'am gang shoul\d run for senatoR

Anonymous said...

astig kayo

Anonymous said...

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