Monday, November 5, 2007

Nov 11 on Rock Ed Radio >> Who are the Neo-Angono artists?

Recently, a group of young artists called the Neo-Angono artists were commissioned to paint a mural for the National Press Club. It was to be unveiled at an event of the NPC. After finishing the work, the piece was revealed on the 55th anniversary celebration. The mural was tasked to visually depict PRESS FREEDOM. On revelation, the mural was edited by another artist, covering elements that were deemed to be "leftist." (viva press freedom!) Here's a portrait of Prof Randy David given a sloppy make-over.
Here's a headline change, with the faces of the Burgos family also altered.

Let's talk to the Neo-Angono artists. What do they stand for?
How free is free for a visual artist? How free is free for a human being, for that matter?

Here's Andres Bonifacio's alibata "K" tattoo edited because it might be misconstrued as "leftist."
We want to know what you think about this. Comment on this page or text NUMSG [space] messge to 29107 on Sunday at 8pm.


In the meantime, read more about this.


ginny said...

oh my gosh! I heard about your mural and how it was defiled! grabe. how do you feel? I'm curious. Where can I see this mural? How insulting naman!

anarcho said...

mas cool ang brew rats show ng hit fm

janus said...

Iba naman ang brewrats sa RockEdRadio, mas MALAKI naman ang educational pArts nila ma'am gang at sir lourd kaysa kina Tado..... pero magbarkada aTa silang lahat....... totoo po ba?? magbabarkada rin sila ----idolz!

Rock Ed Radio said...

ay, oo! cool talaga ang BrewRats ng HitFM. Fan ako nun!


Haydee said...

Pag "commissioned" ba ang isang artwork does that mean the one who commissioned it (NPC for example) is the one who'll decide what's on the artwork? Tapos is the artist just someone who paints what he's told? How free is the artist to depict what he wants to depict? kesyo commissioned pa iyon o hinde?

Anonymous said...

tama! samn to makikita??
wasak talaga ang brewrats show andami ko natutunan na words!! hehehe may alternative na ba sa marang as horny fruit?? heehe natanong lang..

aries said...

maganda ang dalawang show! brurats is different from rock ed radio but they are from the same people of rock ed phils. brewrats is more entertainment and humor, rockEdradio is more of learning and being entertaining at the same time, wooot! sa mga tao ng brurats at rockEd taas kamay mga bro at ma'am!

Nards Cyberstalker said...

It seems that the Neo-Angono incident is the latest in a long line of controversies surrounding the current NPC leadership.

There was the disputed election last year, the sale of a valuable Manansala portrait for P10 million, a and a subsequent lawsuit from GSIS for qualified theft because of this sale.

Check this article from the Inquirer's Neal Cruz:

Nards Cyberstalker said...


eto pala. :)

jhay said...

Tsk tsk tsk. Now that's vandalism in its most elegant form.

anarcho said...

dami nag-react ah...well... every sunday rocked naman ako eh...

galing kaya ni ms. gang and sir lourd!!!

oo lam ko friends sila ng brewrats...peace po sa lahat...

Trixie said...

I'm a Philippine Arts student, and super natuwa ako last Sunday dahil nag-guest si THE Bienvenido Lumbera. Pero hindi nadiscuss yung tungkol sa role ng Filipino lit sa society. Pero ayos lang.

Regarding this issue, super nainis ako kasi binago. And to think, THE Angono artists pa yung ginawan nila ng ganung act. Ayun lang, sharing...

tin said...

haha! kasi off-topic kaya ayan, ang daming nagreact sa comment mo.

ako rin nabadtrip kasi naman, sino hindi magagalit kung biglang binago yung ginawa mong obra? "bastos" (sorry sa term) ang tawag dun.

belle said...

medyo may pagka ingrata ang ginawa nila. anu nga ba ang dapat nating pakinggan? me as an artist also, i hate it kapag binabago yung gawa ko ng walang pasabi (at kung nagsabi man hindi ako papayag) it's my work, ayun ang nasa imagination ko, ayun ang nararamdaman ko. so kung ikaw ba, matutuwa ka ba if baguhin ng isang tao ang pinaghirapan mo which is nagmula pa sa puso mo. dba? that's "bullsh*t?" sorry sa term.

Anonymous said...

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