Monday, March 17, 2008

March 23 on Rock Ed Radio>> "Tropical Hot Hamboorjer Summer...." (working title for this episode was: the Transformers)

Well. Let's see. It's Easter Sunday (for the Christians) so maybe we should talk about something along those lines. Lots of segments for this coming show. Read on:

Let's listen to a 'transformed' life. (translation: nawalan ng trabaho, hehe loko lang, Sir --peace!) Recently resigned from the Cultural Center of the Philippines, veteran actor, guardian of the arts, former Vice-President and Artistic Director of the CCP --Nanding Josef will tell us his Easter story.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand --- writer Panjee Tapales and International Man of Mystery (haha wala akong ibang description Dale, sorry --are you a writer, too?) Dale Diaz of PAG-ASA (Peoples Assembly for Genuine Alternatives to Social Apathy) will tell us about hope. and HOPEfully Nicanor Perlas can join the group as well. (wow puro hope) I suppose summer is a good time to search for hope. (whut?) :) Seriously, let's learn more about this group and why they bravely call themselves PAG-ASA.

A rep from the Philippine Educational Theater Association (or PETA) might join us, too.

Ani and CP David of the Raya School will start off the hour by telling us how or why it's good to stay away from being idle over the summer. ("HUG YOUR CHILD TODAY BEFORE A DRUG PUSHER DO." -signage by entrance of Teacher's Camp in Baguio) Teka, may nagtanong... paano daw kung daddy mo yung drug pusher? Hug mo pa rin. haha. Ang inet, grabe....... brain-melt.

Anyway --- summer na. So may oras na tayong magtanong ng magtanong ng magtanong....

Grabe ang inetttttttttttttt... makinig. This Sunday @8pm. Discussions moderated by Gang Badoy of Rock Ed Philippines and Lourd de Veyra of Radioactive Sago Prrrrrrrrroject.

School ends! Now your education begins with Rock Ed Radio on the Home of NURock. Because because because... education is the new black. And learning is still the new rock and roll.

*"things that make you go hmmm" is from C&C Music Factory, some 90's hit, whatever.... oldy.


Anonymous said...

PETA? yey!

sobrang galing ng mga tao sa PETA. nagworkshop na rin ako dun. worth it! yeah! :D

kung hindi lang magulo sched ko this summer, babalik ako... for the 3rd time!

masaya na, matututo ka pa!

Anonymous said...

request: suggestions on summer jobs :D

regina of alabang said...

PAG-ASA! sa daughter ni Tweetums? narinig ko na sila, especially nung rallies noon. What exactly does PAG_ASA do? I've heard a lot of things....

joss stoned said...

Si Panjee ba kasali sa Gucci Gang???

Rock Ed Radio said...

si Joss Stoned ba kasali sa Gucci Gang?! hehe loko lang.

Joss-- hindi yata bahagi ng Gucci Gang si Panjee. :)

thomas said...


PAG-ASA! may pag-asa pa ba ?

Makoy of Lipa, Batangas said...

Kapag pinalitan lahat ng bulok sa gobyerno at ayusing ang mga batas na pakikinabangan ng lahat, at ipapamahagi ang yaman sa lahat, siguro may pag-asa.

nick said...

Kung ikaw si Jun Lozada ano ang gagawin mo?

Anonymous said...

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