Monday, June 16, 2008

June 22 on Rock Ed Radio: "old school, new school"

On June 22, Sunday, Rock Ed Radio will talk to the people behind THE ONE SCHOOL a non-traditional business school in Makati, dubbing itself as "Real World Education."

Let's take a verbal tour of this whole new campus. The ONE SCHOOL offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Entrepreneurship. Neat, for starters. Our main guest will be engineer/entrepreneur (bar none) Lex Ledesma. (maybe more guests will confirm through the week)

Joining us, too, will be representatives of the School of Fashion Arts where a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fashion Design and Marketing can be obtained. Not to be ignored is Spin City -- a school for DJ's. (ah hah. Didn't we say that education just got cooler...)

1. Is your old school, uh, old school?
2. What is your perception of a 'new' school?
3. Do you think this notion is true: that we choose our schools based on its traditions and not its actual education-method practice?

and now for the beauty contest question.........

4. If you could start your own school, what would it focus on? What kind of degrees would you want to offer? Why?

Post comments and questions here - so we can discuss on Sunday.
Teachers and parents are welcome to post here, too.

Join us, this Sunday. Rock Ed Radio classes begin at 8pm. Attendance never checked. Tests never given. Grades irrelevant. Just listen and learn on your own. Remember lessons only if you want to, apply theories only if it works for you.

Now..... what did we say again? (education just got.........................)

-Rock Ed Radio faculty and staff


Anonymous said...

ako gusto ko ng school for government officials!!!!!!

Honesty 101
How to sumbong your officemate's theft 100
Accountability 101
Who to marry 101

Aris said...

does the ONE SCHOOL help in job placements, too? most decent jobs look for the "traditional schools" like UP Ateneo La Salle -- can one compete with those jobs if we graduate from the ONE SCHOOL? I'm sure u know what I mean....

HR people look for the BIG schools first...diba?

fakeplastictree said...

I want a school that would set the pace instead of trying to compete with others.Something that would have a new style that should contrast what we see right now.

unicohijo said...

school na hindi boring!!! parang every year may innovation. hindi puro nlng misa tsaka sportsfest pag may activity...kasi dito sa iloilo ganyan...

Anonymous said...

I'm curious now about the one school. do you have late entrants? or kailangan start of the year ang pasok?

fakeplastictree said...

For the first time in months,na-miss ko ang isang episode ng RockEd Radio.No!!!

Walang signal ang NU 107 sa Cebu for about 2 days because of the typhoon.

unicohijo said...

grabe ung baguio dito sa iloilo!!!...kahit anong eskwelahan nlng basta may upuan, chalk, lapis, teacher tsaka student...di ble na ung mga one na yan. (no offense) basta makapag arala lahat ng pilipino

Anonymous said...

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