Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Jan 2, 2009 -ROCK ED RADIO LIVE @Route 196!!

Rock Ed Radio presents a venue for many to be heard. There are always two or more sides to a story and most often we will not hear them all. This gig is not designed to resolve anything because, unfortunately, we accept that resolving this mess is not our call.

This is neither a venue to diss, berate, scare, intimidate, cheer or boo anyone for the sake of noise.

This gig is designed for everyone to talk to each other and hear opinions out. It is also a Sociological discussion on our behaviour as people with or without power, with or without fear, with or without arms, with or without a golf membership. But let's talk anyway.

We will not exactly talk about the de la Pazes or Pangandamans, we will talk about US.

All in. Everyone invited, everyone welcome.

Rock Ed Radio will moderate the discussion, setting the ground rules for decency, politeness, and peeing before debating. Let's calmly, urgently, rabidly, intelligently, passionately discuss this situation of love and hate, war and peace. Whether you think this is an isolated case or a symptom of a bigger societal ill, come anyway and state your peaceful piece on the microphone this Friday.

We are open to re-posting of this announcement.

Kindly email in advance if you want to make sure you have some time to be heard.

Come on Friday, limited seating, infinite standing.
A karaoke machine will be on standby in case we're done early. Singing of "My Way" is not allowed. RADIOACTIVE SAGO PROJECT will perform after the forum.

Violence, peace, power, apathy, golf etiquette, retaliation, cursing, bodyguards, crying, indignation, class-acts, decisions, blogging, reactions, sanctions, suggestions, the Philippine courts, Mindanao, golf club security measures and everything else.

Let's talk about ourselves, shall we?

Speech: Free
Admission: Free
Panelists: Adel Tamano, Danton Remoto, Bobby Garcia etc.
Discussion Moderators: Gang Badoy and Lourd de Veyra
Music by: Radioactive Sago Project of Terno Recordings.


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