Sunday, May 6, 2007

May 6 - Rock Ed Radio's Advanced Mother's Day Special

I guess nothing unifies a motley group more than the subject of Mothers. We all have our share of stories of inspiration, influence, chaos and order when it comes to our Moms.
Yza Palmero, Shu Uemura make up artist is a single mother and she says that there is really much to be appreciated about the task. She shares that growing up with her Mother can be difficult at times but on the whole it has taught her to be a good mom and her children are most important in her life. Lahat naman may horror story tungkol sa mga nanay, meron ding komplikado na relationships talaga, so tonight we just wanted to focus on the positive and the little expressed appreciation for Moms.
Aia de Leon, the lead singer of Imago took this chance to honor her Mom. She says that her Mom has been an anchor in her life. She wishes she can get at least part of her Mom's charm. Aia says her Mom isn't a stage mom, like any normal parent she was warned about the difficulties of life in music but still -she supported Aia's career choice and is duly credited for it tonight. Si Aia mahal na mahal ang mommy niya. Siguro nung grade school siya lagi syang nagdo-drawing para sa Mommy nya.
Reg Rubio is the lead voice of Greyhoundz. Despite the metal appearances of this man, we all noticed the gentle tone he takes when he talks about his mother. His Mom is overseas and we all wish she could hear him speak of her and her impact on his life. Jaime Garchitorena is an entrepreneur and former recording artist. He says that his Mom allowed him to go on his own search. He jokingly says that he was raised by his Mom's "well-intentioned" neglect. Because in the end, it has given him the opportunity to become what he is now. He is glad his Mom allowed him to journey on his own.
Marc Abaya's Mother is critically and commercially acclaimed director Marilou Diaz-Abaya. He refers to him as "the goddess Marilou." Going through a difficult time right now health-wise, his Mom, in the words of Marc, taught him the love of performance, the sense of the stage, and the challenging humility that ought to come with talent. Marc, despite coming in late during the show (he came from another guesting) certainly added another rich layer to the already-interesting conversation.
Gang expresses admiration for her mom for displaying a tremendous balance in her life academically, professionally and socially --despite having to raise ten children. Gang says her Mom's biggest accmplishment? "...wala pa namang nape-preso sa 'min." Haha. Lourd shared that he appreciates his Mom's silences even when she used to see him make 'mistakes' growing up, mahirap din siguro yung hayaan mo ang anak mong matuto on his own. Kaya nga, sabi ni Lourd, kayong mga nakinig (o nagbabasa nito) maghanap kayo ng oras yapusin ang mga nanay ninyo at magpasalamat. The group continues to talk outside even past the hour. We were all hoping that this episode encourages you to take time out this week to be extra-obedient to your Moms. Maski mahirap! They deserve it.

Rock Ed Radio would like to take this opportunity to wish Marc's Mommy a speedy and comfortable recovery --back to the pink of health! Here's Marc walking out of the station alone. We're almost certain he is thinking of his Mom.
Good vibes rang around the booth earlier tonight. We hope we get to spread this vibe to all of you and all your Mothers. Minsan lang ang buhay, iisa lang ang ating mga nanay.
So, matanong namin kayo --- "Have you hugged your Mom today?"


kat said...

I don't get to see my mom as much as I'd like because she lives in the province. When I was younger I used to think my mom had superpowers because she knew just about everything... and I can't seem to get away with anything without her finding out about it. Sixth sense ahaha. Happy Mother's Day. Moms rock!

crisanthe said...

My mom is the best in the world, she is supportive and loving and kind. ang sipag sipag sipag! I love my MOM. She rocks, too!!

shugee said...

love my mom, the best! Happy mothers' day sa lahat!!

Anonymous said...

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