Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Dec 16 on Rock Ed Radio >> KUMUSTAHAN EPISODE: A Human Rights Week Special

Being International Human Rights Week, Rock Ed Radio decided to do a follow-up episode on two past topics covered.

Our Dec 2 episode was on the Sumilao Farmers' march and as we all know the group arrived Manila last week, walking all the way from Mindanao and is now on a stand-still with the DAR Secretary and San Miguel Foods Inc. Let's talk to the representatives of Saligan and Pakisama, who ably assist the farmers in their struggle to fight for their claims. Atty Aison Garcia and Prof Soc Banzuela will be coming back to the show.

Our July 8 episode, on the other hand, featured the Desaparecidos focusing mostly on the disappearance of Jonas Burgos in April of this year. We'll have JL Burgos and his mother Edita Burgos coming back to the show to update us on their search since that fateful day.
Join us on Dec 16 (SUNDAY SILENCE II day!!) @8pm on NU107.

The fight for Human Rights is won because people followed through.

So here we are.



leya said...

Haaaaaaaaay yung DAR Sec mukhang walang paninindigan!! optimistic ba po sila o hindi?

gelai said...

asaan na ba talaga si Jonas Burgos? matatagpuan pa ba siya?

gelai said...

asaan na ba talaga si Jona Burgos? matatagpuan pa ba siya?

tan_g_ble said...

nakakadepress kasi pasko na at ala pa rin si kuya Jonas..

Anonymous said...

may bagong development na ba sa kaso ni jonas??? ano na yung findings ng afp sa kaso nya??


Anonymous said...

grabe! bigay na lupa sa magsasaka!! pasko pa naman din

katrina said...

bakit nga ba dinakip si Burgos?

Mark Belo, Ayala Heights QC said...

I'm a free market libertarian and not a facsist. (sic) Don't you think the communist NPA insistence on the existence of inevitable class conflict was resonsible for Jonas' disappearance? And in his insistence in believing also contributed? Do you believe such a conflict is inevitable? Is life in capitalist HongKong is so much worse than any country that tried communism?

(msg sent to RockEdRadio volunteer cellphone rcving number)

Mark Belo said...

Is everyone truly entitled to land? Should we not give land to those who can make the most out of it? Should a govt official determine who deserves land or the collective decisions of consumers?

(sent thru text by Mark Belo --markbelo@gmail.com)

Note: Saligan lawyers and support lawyers of Sumilao have been requested to reply to this one. The question about Jonas Burgos earlier was also forwarded to JL Burgos and Mrs. Edith Burgos for them to personally reply to Mr. Mark Belo. -Rock Ed Radio staff

Mark Belo said...

I doubt consumers would reward politicians for owning land. I'm for the farmers getting the land because it is just. Not because everyone is simply entitled to land. Are farmers' interests above that of consumers? We are a democracy but a farmer still server (sic) the consumer. What if the land can be made more valuable as industrial land? Should we just keep it agricultural for the sake of the farmers? I'm responding to the Sumilao farmer's comment "ang tao ay lupa, ang lupa ay tao."

(typed in verbatim from a text message by Mr. Mark Belo again)

Mark Belo said...

Not everyone who has large farms stole the land. Some of them worked hard and made it more productive. Be careful in your statements with unintended 3rd party effects.

(verbatim text message from Mark Belo again)

Mark Belo said...

I personally know an OFW who bought land with his hard earned money. His father in law wanted him to inherit his land but he refused because he would be covered under CARP. Do I still need to read your history books?

(verbatim text still by Mark Belo)

Mark Belo said...

Maybe you can give me what books you read? My recommendation: capitalists and the historians by F.A. Hayek

(verbatim text message by Mark Belo still)

Mark Belo said...

please watch www.youtube.com/watch?v=RWsx1X8PV_A

-by Mark Belo

Rock Ed Radio said...


Thanks for participating in the conversation about the Burgos family's search for Jonas and the Sumilao Farmers' march. Dialogue is always healthy especially when both sides listen. But since we had a limited range (topic vis-a-vis time) coverage, I decided to forward your queries to the two parties instead.

If Mrs. Edith Burgos or her son JL have time, I am certain they will respond to your questions re: the NPA/Communists belief and how you think that caused Jonas' disappearance.

I also think that if the Saligan lawyers and the Pakisama group and the Simbahang Lingkod Bayan of the Ateneo de Manila have time out of the march, they, too, will respond to you.

I'll go ahead and watch the youtube link you sent, but only after tomorrow night, I won't have time to go online since I am continuing my research about this particular stand-off. I will be in the streets with them tomorrow so I can 'google' my information live.

I have tried to send invitations to DAR and SMFI for radio show guestings as well with no response yet. I am certain if and when they do guest, you will have questions for them, too.

Thanks again.

Gang Badoy

Rock Ed Radio said...

Kindly text NUMSG [space] Your message to 29107 next time. \\\

-Rock Ed Radio Staff

obet said...

ang usapin tungkol sa sumilao farmers at kay jonas Burgos ay usapin na lumalampas sa kung ano ang political ideo na meron ka ito ay usapin tungkol sa Karapatang Pantao ang karapatang magpahayang karapatang magorganisa at karapatan sa buhay na may dignidad. Sa ganitong pagyayari kailangan kalimutan muna kung ikaw ba ay Socdem, natdem, anarkista o popdem ano pa man ang ating paniniwalang pulitikal ang mahalaga ay paglilingkod sa tao. Dapat kondenahin ng lahat ng political blocks NGO o civil society movement ang pagkawala ni Jonas at samahan ang naman ang magsasakang Sumilao sa kanilang patuloy na pakikibaka para sa Lupa

Anonymous said...

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mark said...

TAMA KA OBET! Tungkol nga ito sa karapatang pantao. Ang problema ko ay si Jonas Burgos mismo ay lumalabag sa karapatan ng ibang tao.

I don't know how familiar you are with CARP and how it has been used by both politicians and the opportunistic poor (just because you're poor doesn't mean you can't be an asshole) to exploit/steal from those with land. It doesn't matter if they earned the land through honest hard work or stole it from someone else (e.g. Catholic Church). They don't give a damn. The poor aren't the only ones who have the right to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

I'm glad you mentioned the "right to a dignified life". Tell me, don't you think those living in Capitalist Hong Kong have a more dignified life? Jonas Burgos and his communist nonsense only destroys a society's capacity to afford it's people a dignified life (i emailed RockEd an essay describing how developed countries can give US janitors a better salary and therefore a better life. It isn't eloquent like most communist writings/bs but it is based on sound economics). All these communist ideas have only resulted in making people poorer and more vulnerable to politicians, regardless of the intentions of irresponsible communists.

I could talk more on the implications of saying farmers have a right to land PERIOD without qualifications but basically, all the communists are saying is help us so we can screw you over later! And because of that I'm pissed!

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