Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Feb 15 on Rock Ed Radio>> Valentine's Day aftermath

Let's check out the stories of love and life learnings of the hot and steely chicks of the band called DUSTER.

The best and worst Valentine's date.
Do you believe in this holiday in the first place?
Wait. Who was your last sincere Valentine? -- meaning sino yung huling pinadalhan mo ng paper heart cut-out at ilan taon ka nun?

Anong ginawa ninyo kagabi?

Kris, Katwo, Ristalle and Myrene will tell (not) all!

Oh god. This just might be one of the more interesting episodes ever. Tune in.

Let's see how Lourd and Erwin handle the bunch. Gang is on the favorable side of this episode's swing.

8pm on Sunday Feb 15. NU107.


jerome said...

may single ba sa Dusterchix? parang lahat may asawa na kya ba Daster??

Angel said...

I have seen Katwo and her husband, Nico's web site about their wedding and stuff. Ü It's cool, really. Though I'm not planning to get married yet, I find it interesting. :) Ristalle's the manager of Stonefree, right? Myrene, is of course the bassist of the bands Imago and Sandwich. Kris is the wife of lawyer and Peryodiko's front man, Vin Dancel. The ladies, collectively known as DUSTER. :) Pinagsama-sama ba naman mga bigatin. Ano naman kaya pag-uusapan?

madellurz said...

sOoOo interesting... hmmm :)

leyo said...

kelan lalabas yung cd??
gang (lourd en erwin na rin),
nagdadaster ka rin ba?

pUsa said...

i saw u guys before sa chippy's event at ever commonwealth and from that time i considered myself as a fan. astig kayo lahat.


Anonymous said...

what was the most romantic thing your husbands did for you?

ravel said...

Matanong ko lang kay Myrene pano po sya niligawan ni Raimund, pano din po kyo nagkakilala.

elmar ng san mateo said...

Si Katwo astig sa FHM!

madel said...

You all have sweet voices. How are your families esp the kids when you have gigs?

elmar ng san mateo said...

Ano po ang greatest gift na binigay sa Duster chicks ng kanilang mga husbands ngayong nagdaang Valentine's Day?

prinsipe zardos said...

Rate the sweetness of your husband on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest.

kenneth said...

Napanood ko kayo sa UP Fair. Ayos ang Duster.

ryan only said...

Magandang gabi!! Clueless po ako sa tunog ng Duster..Similar po ba sya sa sound ng Fatal Posporos , Tribal Fish or Kelts Cross?

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