Monday, April 14, 2008

April 20 on Rock Ed Radio >> Journalists can be bloggers, but a blogger cannot.....

Okay, since the Montanos came out on National TV last week, we surmise that it is now okay to make the Brian Gorrell blog a case study on Rock Ed Radio. Both sides have aired the laundry so now the discussion is fair game. Is the Gorrell blog libelous, a solid case of defamation, blackmail? Is it simply an out-of-hand rant of a lover dumped or isa ba siyang venue para manumpit ng patama sa mga Dona Victorina ng ating panahon? (or is it a venue to spit darts onto the Dona Victorinas of our time?)

What do you think?

Some people say that blogging is a personal thing therefore the ethics that journalists are subject to do not apply to blogging, but the worldwide web is very different from a handwritten journal placed under your mattress. So they say, nay! ...journalistic ethics still apply. But wait! A blogger is not a journalist, even if a journalist can blog.What is the leeway you will give to bloggers and blogging? Which lines will you cross, not cross or snort. Tadah. (that just slipped out now, didn't it?)

No out and out judgments here, just tell us your take on the verb "blogging," please. Oh and maybe it's good to leave out the others alone, but the Montanos not excempt. They're part and parcel of this one. After all, they did come out in the 'nationalest of national TVs' (Korina, no less)

So. I shall refrain saying any more on this post. But I will certainly handwrite something and tuck the moleskin under my bed. And if I were DJ, I'd say, "You'd have to pull out my 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets to know what I really think." But I'm not him, so I'll just say, "Tanong niyo sa ipis namin sa apartment." (Ask the roaches in my apartment.)

What a circus. And we thought politics was a bad neighborhood.

We think this Sunday's episode on Rock Ed Radio will be interesting, if only for the panelists. Pepe Diokno (Supreme, Phil Star) Pam Pastor (Super, Phil Daily Inquirer) and Rome Jorge (Lifestyle Editor, Manila Times) We will also have our very own Pepeng Buraot. (texter of the year, Rock Ed Radio.)April 20, Sunday @8pm on NU107. (Note: despite being the first to confirm over two weeks ago, Patricia Evangelista sent us word yesterday that she will be out of town for a shoot and is now unsure if she can make it.)


Ikaw, do you blog? Do you blog negatively about others? (what about vice versa?) Whose rights are right, the blogger or the blogged about? Ano tingin niyo?

Post comment here or text NUMSG (space) message to 29107 on Sunday at 8pm.

This should be educational enough.


Illustration by Quentric copyright2006, lay out by Gang Badoy


trisha said...

me, I blog about people who offend me!!! but I don't put naman their names and addresses the way Brian did! (LOL) so no one can sue me or even think about suing me.

PLUS only the people I hate KNOW that I wrote about THEM ........kung i-acknowledge nila, guilty sila HAHA

Should I stop?

team brian head said...

Bloggers have that right!! they write what they write hindi naman nakalagay na "official publication" iyon eh, so go Brian!! okey lang yon, eh KUNG TOTOO NAMAN?!

Anonymous said...

pwede po bang paki-invite si ms. patricia evangelista?
is it too late to ask her?

hmmm. sana makasama siya sa discussion.


Rock Ed Radio said...

Actually, nag confirm si Patricia Evangelista two weeks ago pa, pero kahapon nag txt siya na hindi na daw sya pwede dahil may shoot sila out-of-town.


yeyette said...

What does the Star writer think of the Brian Gorrell blog implicating his newspaper?

Did pam pastor ever work with tim yap? what was he like in real life? is he nice?

Did mla times cover the gorrell blog??

Anonymous said...

team brian or team dj ba kayo ma'am gang, sir lourd??? curiouz lang

Anonymous said...

I think Brian had every right to blog pero siguro when he knew that it got bigger na, dapat he stopped/ didn't he stop the blog after a few days?? and then people thru email lang encouraged him to keep going??

tin said...

naloka naman ako sa topic sa linggo! woohoo! yan yung matagal ko nang hinihintay :D

hindi naman ako nagboblog. pero i enjoy reading blogs (almost all the negatives ones, wala lang).

this will be an interesting topic.

Juned said...

Question: Why is there no blogger on your panel? I just find it odd.

Juned said...

I mean most of them are journalist bloggers and not bloggers. It is a different perspective.

Baklang AJ said...

As a blogger, my primary responsibility is to myself. I pay for my own server and domain so I don't have a responsibility to anyone but myself. I make sure though that I check for the veracity of the facts in my entries before posting them.

Then again, Go Team Brian!

veRnBuRn said...

karamihan sa mga blog ay patungkol sa personal na buhay.. maihahalintulad sa bandal sa pader na malaya pero napakadelikado ng nilalaman..

may codes of ethics of professional journalism tayo..may codes of ethics din ba sa blogging? kung meron man ay ano yung mga yun? tnx.

marhgil said...

here's my take on Brian Gorrell's blog.

my blog, my rules. it's my space on the cyberspace, where I talk and people listen. it's simply up to them whether they believe me or not, i'm just exercising my freedom to blog what i want to blog.

foster said...

I'm a blogger and I think I have the right to damn well write whatever I want to write and who I write about. Eh kung totoo ba ang sinusulat ko, chaka ano beh!? it's MY blog, so it's MY thoughts, so I will post them if I want to. The world doesn't HAVE to read my blog hindi ba??!

Anonymous said...

I blog also but I refrain from incriminating anyone. I believe in karma and that might happen to me. Afraaaaaaaaaaaaid

Anonymous said...

The tongue tames the animals but no one tames the tongue.

pepeng buraot said...

What agency will regulate Brian Gorrell's blog?

Anonymous said...

I blog about places and institutions that I think needs social marketing, etc. I think blog is also a venue para dun sa mga emo, ang dami! Sabi ng prof ko 98% of the internet is trash and 2%lang ang useful talaga. with this rate, policing blogs talaga will be difficult.

claudia said...

I write poems in my blog and I get a little bit scared that it may be stolen! Should I stop posting those?

Aloha said...

Ask ko lang kung magsubscribe ako sa creative commons is that something I have to pay online? Or is it free? At paano?

di said...

According to my prof, someone who talks so much of his/her life on the net is one hell of an exhibitionist. And I just remembered recently I had this argument with friends about those people who post naked/sexy photos on the net and the argument just went on and on...

Jay from Cebu said...

Ayus din tong discussion nyo. Rinig kayo dito sa dorm ng Bible skul.

emralino said...

I'd agree that we should impose limitations to ourselves on waht we put on our blogs. I just hope that we'll soon have coherent laws that would address the issues surrounding blogging. For now,if we have something against another person, we should put them on proper forums and not exploit the freedom that blogging offers us.

Anonymous said...

I believe that blogging is another form of expression, however, one should be responsible for whatever he writes in it. The problem is we abuse the freedom of blogging.

Anonymous said...

When the terms of agreement are violated, the people use them as grounds for filing cases in court? (e.g. dj to gorrell)

claudia said...

Tama! Creative Commons! Nakinig ako last week. Parang ang hirap i-track nung mga thieves na yun! I hope next week yun ang topic!

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