Sunday, April 6, 2008

April 13 on Rock Ed Radio >> "Dripping Creativity" (and generous about it)

Let's talk to DRIP. (yeeeey) DRIP is: Beng Calma-Alcazaren on Vocals, Malek Lopez on live keyboards, sound design & programming, Caliph8 on Turntables & FX and Ian "Morse" Magbanua on beats, samples & programming

Of course, engineer par excellence Mark Laccay will join us, too. Unbeknownst to many, (even to him!) Mark won the Rock Ed "Best Supporting-Lead Vocals" award. (sangkanaman nakarinig nonnnnn?!) The only award of its kind. He earned this by ably "support-screaming" for Radioactive Sago Project while sitting in the sound booth during a WILD WILD gig somewhere in the South.... because Lourd lost most of his voice right before the gig. (isipin mo yon....)

And to a group called Creative Commons. (yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey) Let's get to know what these people on-the-edge REALLY do. More importantly, what they stand for. We're sure they don't call themselves such for nothing.

We'll ask them what they mean when they say, "you can share your intellectual property..."

Ah hah!

A nifty conversation with people who know juuuuuuust how to push the envelope.

Ikaw? What is your stance on Intellectual Property Rights? Have you ever experienced being plagiarized, in any form?

Tell us. Tell us.

Here (by posting) ... or during the show this Sunday by texting NU (space) MSG to 29107.

illustration by Laurence Quentric, lay out by GangBadoy


theclash said...

we have to admit we dont solely own anything in this world. everything we know have been influenced by others in some form, always. we are products of our environment, ika nga. we steal from others, refurbish it, make it our own. but are these really our own? no. i dont think so. and do we give credit to everything we get from the outside? no, we dont. i think its too arrogant of us to stamp our names across everything we make because we have to admit they werent originally from us. shouting out our ownership through these so called rights seem so insecure and arrogant for me. what i think we should do is to open up. look at it as a way of giving back to the uncredited inspirations we got as we made what we made. we owe it to the universe. :)

tagadyanlang said...

hmm.. di sakin nanyari..

... yung kaibigan ng kapatid ko nagpost sa blog ng short story... tapos dumaan ang taon (o panahon), may nakakita sa isa pang site nung short story niya pero iba na yung author...

kapag ganun... anu yung pwede niyang ihabol?


(not the exact quote.... eto lang yung naaalala ko sa nabasa ko)
sabi nga " flourishes when there is a sense of nothing have been done before, of freedom to experiment; but when people copy art, they tend to repeat things, and repetition is the DEATH of art...."

veRnBuRn said...
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teroy said...

HAHAHA best supporting lead vocals???!! galinnggggggg namannnn

tin said...

uuuuy drip! i like zem! sana po tugtugin nyo yung Hey Preppy :D wala lang...

nga pala... hindi ko alam kung tungkol to sa intellectual property rights pero share ko na rin.. (kwento kasi to)

kunwari meron kang papel, na dahil sa hindi mo na gagamitin ay kinrumple mo na ito at tinapon sa daan. tapos merong isang artist na nakita yung crumpled paper, at shang ginamit para ilagay sa obra nya. tapos biglang sumikat yung obra nung artist. nung mga sumunod na araw, nakita mo yun obra at sinabing dapat ay may credit ka din dun dahil kung hindi ka nagcrumple ng papel, hindi yun magagamit nung artist.

sino ang mas tama at sino yung mas dapat kilalanin dun sa obra?

(laging debate namin tong kwento na to... dati) salamat!

tagadyanlang said...


..nakapag latag ka ba ng inflatable pool? hehe...

.. yung artist kasi sa kanya yung whole idea nung art... kung yung papel lang ang habol nung nagcrumple, eh yung mismong act ng pagbaliwala niya sa papel nagpapakita na ng kawalang interes noon sa bagay na yun. Ang dating, gusto lang niya makisawsaw sa benefit na nakukuha nung artist...


joanne said...

how does it benefit a blogger to subscribe to Creative Commons? is that the correct term for it? Subscribe?

veRnBuRn said...

i-explain mo nga ito Lourd.. sa pamamagitan ng iyong sariling pananaw at salita ha! (haha)

"Copyright usually protects the expression of an idea, not the idea itself"

ayan!. kudos!

ianboy said...

What are your comments on these:

"From Stockhausen onwards it has become increasingly difficult to create new music. Not because people no longer have anything to say, but because Western society has fragmented to such a degree that it is now virtually impossible to write in the style of classical, coherent compositions. That is, music held together by a single idea, or body of ideas, with each melody and movement flowing smoothly into the next. Today, thoughts seem to break apart before they are fully formed, and then turn back on themselves in a welter of contradictions, making it impossible to create music in the traditional manner.

"The major problem of twentieth-century art is the constant demand for something new and original. The consequence of this demand is that while everything appears to change, nothing actually changes. Instead there is a constant reappearance of the same half-baked ideas, using a succession of increasingly silly names. It took thousands of years to develop the symphonic form, and yet today people demand radical innovations every week. The result is that they get exactly what they deserve - insults.

"The great advantage of plagiarism as a musical method is that it removes the need for talent, and even much application. All you really need to do is select what to plagiarize. Enthusiastic beginners might like to begin by plagiarizing the work of people like Negativland, John Oswald or the Tape-Beatles. A purist will choose to plagiarize their work by simple copying; but those who feel the need to express the creative side of their personality will change a few seconds here and there, or cut it up and rearrange it.

"Plagiarism is a highly creative process because with every plagiarism a new slant is added to the work. Unfortunately, the forces of order have contrived to make plagiarism of recent music illegal, making the risk of prosecution a deterrent to even the most dedicated plagiarist. However, a few sensible precautions can be used to reduce this risk. The basic rule is to take the melodies and development of a piece, without actually sampling it note for note. Cover versions are a mundane example of this. Another possibility for avoiding prosecution is to work under an assumed name, or use non-copyrighted material.

"To conclude, plagiarism saves time and effort, improves results, and shows considerable initiative on the part of the plagiarist. As a revolutionary tool it is ideally suited to the needs of the late twentieth-century. For those who find the selection of material too much of a 'creative' challenge, the remedy is to introduce a system for randomly selecting material. Let's do away once and for all with the myth of 'genius'."
"Art must always emphasize the 'individuality' of ownership and creation. Plagiarism, by contrast, is rooted in social process, communality, and a recognition that society is far more than the sum of individuals (both past and present) who constitute it. In practice, social development has always been based on plagiarism (one has only to observe children to realize that advancement is 99% imitation), but this reality is mystified by the ideology of 'art'. Art itself is based on pictorial traditions built up over thousands of years, and yet art historians and critics always focus on the very minor, usually negligible, 'innovations' of each 'individual' artist."

From The Unacceptable Face of Plagiarism?

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