Monday, April 21, 2008

April 27 on Rock Ed Radio >> HULING BALITA

A tale of two families.

Burgos : one son, Jonas, missing since April 28, 2007. Read more.

Quintos: two sons, Paul and Michael murdered Dec 13, 1997. Read more.

Both families will be represented during the show.

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27 April 2008

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Post advance comments and questions regarding our justice system. Suggestions, reactions, may or may not be confined to these two cases. We want to know what you think. Any first-hand experiences with Philippine courts?

photo and lay-out: GangBadoy 2008


razor said...

ilang taon sina paul at michael quintos nung namatay sila? college pa ba sila noon, studyante?

alana said...

Dear Mrs. Burgos,

Happy Mother's Day


veRnBuRn said...

ingat ka lourd at baka ikaw na ang isunod.. haha. paganda ng paganda ang rock ed radio. hanep.

jen said...

for the Quintos family, ano yung pinaka mahirap na part sa legal process?

jen said...

sa Burgos naman, if you filed a charge in court sino yung respondent? eh hindi ninyo alam kung sinong dumakip kay jonas? shoot in the dark....?

Anonymous said...

ano na update sa kaso ni jonas???

Anonymous said...

Dapat umamin man lang ang militar o gobyerno!!! HINDI DAPAT NAWAWALA ang mga tao na parang BULA~~

Ito na?? Ilabas na si Jonas BUrgos!

berto said...

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Anonymous said...

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